Friday, September 28, 2012

I Have Come To The Conclusion That I Hate White People As A Whole

Today I came to the conclusion that I hate white people as a whole. I've been in denial about it. Most people won't admit they are racist in this day and age. I believe black people are entitled to their racist views of whites. After all, we are only giving what we have received for the last 400 plus years.

There are some white people that I find interesting and likeable, but as a whole I must say, I really do hate white people. The more I think about them the more I hate them. I cannot find any redeeming qualities within the white race. NONE! They have fucked over every other group on the face of the planet. They continue to fuck over almost every non-white group on the face of the planet. They have stolen land, resources, money, labor and everything else from non-whites. They currently control the majority of the wealth in this world despite being a MINORITY race. They control the media and often use it to their advantage. There simply is nothing to like about the white race.

How did I come to conclusion?

It's been brewing for the 27 years I've been alive. The more time I spend around white people the more I hate them. Even the so-called "good" white people manage to make themselves unlikable as they remain noticeably silent while the "bad" white people are fucking over the world. No one ever wants to talk about the silent masses of "good" white people, who sit around twirling their thumbs while their white counterparts start World Wars and commit other atrocities against humanity. We're just supposed to remember that "good" white people exist. 


Those "good" white people benefit from the racial and economic oppression of non-whites just like their "bad" white counterparts hence the reason we rarely hear a peep out of them. As long as the system is set up to benefit WHITES "good" white people will continue to turn a blind eye to the fucked up shit happening in the world.  They might feel bad about the shit happening, but they don't feel bad enough to level the playing field and cut the bullshit. While they might view white supremacy as a bad thing, they also reject any notion to give up the white privilege (something many of them even deny exist) that affords them a certain quality of life. 

This is one of main reasons why I cannot join hands with white people in the fight for gay rights. As far as I'm concerned it would be like joining hands with the devil. As soon as they (whites) get what they want (gay rights) you can rest assured they will go back to their white privileged lives and forget all about the dumbass gay people of color they USED to help get those rights. Fuck addressing racism within the gay community. Fuck addressing discrimination faced by gay non-whites in the workplace. Fuck addressing the struggle gay non-whites face in the media. Once gay white people are given the right to marry non-white gay people become unless to them.

The thing that really brings out the hatred in me is the reality that white people feel the sun rises and shines on their asses. They feel they are entitled to everything and everyone. Folks who would swear they are NOT white supremacist share much of the same thinking as many of the most vocal white supremacist. I swear, sometimes I wish I could pack up all the white people and ship their asses to another planet!

I know I'm going to receive some hate mail for this blog, but I don't give a fuck. As far as I'm concerned my eyes have been opened. People of color need to come together and overthrow the white race. It's the only way we might ever see any type of equality in this world.
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