Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Some Shit That I Won't Do: Play The Mistress

There are a lot of things I will put up with from women. I will put up with annoying habits (I'm sure I have a few myself). I will put up with certain women nagging the hell out of me. I will put up with women flipping the television to bullshit while I'm trying to watch CNN. I will put up with chick's snoring at night. However, playing a mistress...naw that is out of the question. For this reason my soulmate, Baby Doll, is officially in the doghouse.

Baby Doll has a girlfriend that she claims she cannot stand. Judging from everything she has told me, it seems she is incompatible with this woman. However, they live together and have been together for 3 years. According to Baby Doll she can't just kick the chick to the curb. It has to be planned and coordinated. In the meantime, she can only talk on the phone with me when her girlfriend is not around. If a moment of desperation arises she may be able to talk around her girlfriend BUT we can't do any of that "lovely dovey" talk. 

I'm sick of this bullshit!

I am far too good of a catch to sit around playing second fiddle or a mistress. I swore I would never do this type of nonsense. I have too much respect for myself to be someone's sidepiece, which regardless of what she says, I am! I have too much respect for women in general (even those I don't know) to bring this type of pain into someone's life (let's be honest...mistresses can bring a world of hurt). 

For those of you who don't get it just imagine this scenario...

Imagine Yellow Bone and I are still together, but I find myself digging another woman. Imagine me telling this other woman I love her, want to be with her, can't wait to be with her, blah, blah, blah, while coming home to Yellow Bone every night. Imagine me sleeping next to Yellow Bone in bed every night knowing good and well I'm not into her. Imagine me talking mad shit about Yellow Bone behind her back and telling some other woman how much I adore her. How do you think Yellow Bone (if informed of the situation) and the mistress would feel about this situation?

I could never do this to a woman, which is exactly why I went ahead and cut Yellow Bone loose! It was the right thing to do! I have far too much love and respect for Yellow Bone to do this type of crap to her. She deserves better! There is no point keeping someone around if you cannot give them all of yourself. Prolonging the inevitable and cheating on someone only makes shit worse!

I'm going to be honest: It's kind of scares me that I'm the one holding the moral compass here and saying, "Hell no...I won't be your mistress. You need to do the right thing and let your chick go," when I'm not the individual with a girlfriend.

Isn't Baby Doll supposed to just know this??? Isn't she supposed to feel some kind of way about leading her girlfriend on (assuming she really doesn't want her and can't stand her)? Or am I really the fool in this situation? 

This answer to these questions don't matter because as of today I'm putting my foot down. I'm not feeling this situation and I refuse to carry on as if it's okay. 

Soulmate or no woman is worth my self-respect. If I can dump a great woman (referring to Yellow Bone) because I feel we are incompatible the next woman can too. It's the right thing to do.
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