Friday, August 24, 2012

Can You Believe Some People Are Actually Defending This Animal???

Here are the facts: This animal beat the shit out of his girlfriend. He is 6'7'' tall and a star athlete. She is 5'4'' tall. She broke up with him a week BEFORE he decided to violently assault her. AFTER assaulting her, this animal sent a number of threatening text messages. Chances are this wasn't the first time this man has beat the young woman in the video. With all that said, why in the hell are certain members of the black community defending this animal??? 

I have read it all! 

The comments range from "The bastard did the crime so he can do the time" to....  

"Damn there goes another young black man with potential to prison. He shouldn't go to prison for this shit! They had an argument... no big deal." 

Then there are the extreme dumbasses writing comments like: "She probably provoked him. Black women are the white man's partner in taking down the black man. We need to stop dating black women. A black man will end up losing everything he worked for if he fucks with a black woman!"

Are you fucking people serious?!? The way I see it, BLACK WOMEN are the people risking their lives and dreams to be with black men...not the other way around! Black men for all intensive purposes are a liability for black women!

This motherfucker kicked his EX-girlfriend in THE HEAD, dragged her by her hair, threatened her via text messages and the whole thing was CAUGHT ON TAPE. Yet somehow or the other Black women (and white men) are responsible for this violent animal's behavior???

The girl he attacked (his ex-girlfriend) testified in court on HIS BEHALF...begging the judge to have mercy on him. No doubt she did that nonsense out of fear of the black community, who does absolutely NOTHING to protect black women and girls. If it means another black man not going to prison for a crime he DID commit black women are EXPENDABLE. So I have to believe the assaulted young woman was pressured by his family, their peers, his basketball coach and probably her own damn family NOT to throw his ass under the bus. No sane, rational, human being would defend and cry for the bastard that KICKED HER IN THE HEAD AND BEAT HER ASS!

And YES, the girl in the video is BLACK....the camera footage isn't the greatest I've seen. They show a clear image of her in court crying buckets of sympathy for this bastard.

If she were my daughter this story would be very different. Not only would this nigga get a bullet up his ass, but she would have some SELF-RESPECT and know it's NOT okay for a man to beat her. women PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE raise your daughters with some PRIDE and SELF-RESPECT. Black women can only count on themselves in this world. We are all we have...please learn to put yourselves FIRST. 

If you are interested in reading some of the comments from this crime. Here are some articles...

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