Sunday, August 19, 2012

Yellow Bone & I Are Officially Over

I broke up with Yellow Bone on Friday upon her return from Detroit. I don't feel like going into detail about it but she took it well. No crying. No screaming. No cursing. None of that nonsense. In fact, she didn't show much emotion at all. 

Me: If we are meant to be together we will find our way back to each other at some point.

Yellow Bone nodded her agreement.

She asked me to give her some space. I agreed. We agreed to share joint custody of Peanut and I suspect we will be friends once she gets over me.

So I'm back on the market. 

Wait...wait...hold up...what happened to your soulmate...You know the one you were gushing about on this blog?

She's still in the picture, but she's still with her girlfriend. Not to mention she lives about 2,000 miles away. We have a lot to deal with in order to be together. I still want her and she still wants me. In the meantime, I plan to hit the ground running...

All you single lesbians in ATLANTA who were sending your pussy through my email, I'm all yours...come get me! I'm taking applications!

*Note: Studs/masculine chicks, bisexuals, hoodrats (and you know whether or not your ass is ghetto or not) and single mothers need not apply!

P.S. I said I wasn't going to fuck my property manager, but the urge is there now that I'm single. Do you think I should do it just to get her out of my system???

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