Thursday, August 16, 2012

Like I Said Before...I Pity Heterosexual Black Women!

I Pity Heterosexual Black Women

They are the ONLY race of women in the western world that has to deal with this type of stereotypical sexist misogynist bullshit created by the men of their race, who somehow or the other believe their shit don't stink. 

I agree black women collectively have issues, but honestly WHO THE FUCK ARE BLACK MEN TO CRITICIZE ANYONE IN THIS WORLD??? That's like a crackhead criticizing a heroine addict!

Niggas y'all ain't no better!

If you ask me, I think black men are worse off than black women! Not to turn this into a pissing match...but they got some nerve!

And for those of you asking: "How do you know a black man created this cartoon?" Just look at the contradictions in the nonsense....

Bubble from 1970s Black woman: "Knows that she has more power being submissive to her man" and here is the contradiction IN THE SAME BUBBLE: "Has a mind of her own." 

Newsflash: A chick with a mind of her own has all the power in the world! She doesn't need to be submissive to a man to gain what she already has or can obtain in her own right! Being submissive is a CHOICE for her. Unlike a welfare case, she is capable of handling her own business. She has the power to pursue education. She has the power to be a doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur etc. She has the power to manipulate man (even as a lesbian, I can tell you it ain't, especially black men, stop at the pussy...and don't you ever forget it or get it twisted).

Here is further proof that a black man created this ILLOGICAL bullshit: The chick on the left is a 1970's black woman with all the "good" virtues of a woman (remember this is from the perspective of a black man...and I'm guessing one that was probably not even alive during this period of time). The chick on the right is a modern day black woman with all the "bad" virtues of a modern day woman (likely a woman of his generation). Well, color me stupid but wasn't the chick on the right RAISED by the chick on the left??? Going by this cartoon, couldn't we concluded that the 1970's generation (mothers) FAILED to pass on their "good" virtues to modern day black women (their daughters)???

Or can we conclude this cartoon is a twisted black male version of history and reality??? I think I will go with this one.

See...dumbasses don't think before creating garbage.

I have ALWAYS said the black community's issues are GENERATIONAL, meaning they didn't manifest overnight! Things have simply become almost unbearable over time.

Back in the day the "weave" was WIGS. Back in the day the out of wedlock rate was still HIGH compared to other races. The breakdown of the black family happened BACK IN THE DAY...not with modern day black women. Modern day black women didn't fuck up the black community...they were born into a fucked up black community...HUGE DIFFERENCE.

And if we're being honest here we also need to admit that Martin Luther King Jr. and them fucked us all up when they threw away our community for the perks of integration. Unknowingly, these folks took money out of their own community and cleared a path for it to float into other (non-black) communities. Integration was poorly thought out. Our elders unknowingly laid the foundation for the economic deprivation the black community now faces. But that's a whole different blog...

Men control this world, but trust and believe women have the ability to control men when everything is said and done. Don't believe men? Just imagine if women snapped their legs closed or started fucking each other instead of men. Men would go crazy.


Only in the minds of black men were women like Angela Davis, Assata Shakur, Shirley Chisholm submissive female dogs. 

I just find it amazing that black men, who don't have shit to show for their manhood feel they have the right to demand submission from women (damn the race of the woman). Submission is something that should be earned (if the chick is down for being submissive) is not a given simply because you have a dick! This nonsense would be funny if it weren't sad as hell.

Read the bubbles, look at the pictures and post your comments in the comment section. 

I am happy to be GAY! If I had to deal with this crap I swear I would jump into the arms of the first white man that looked at me hard. 
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