Monday, August 6, 2012

The Fairy Tale She Wanted

The Fairy Tale She Wanted.

So right now Yellow Bone is knocked out in my bed, which is a testament to my badass bedroom skills! The two of us had a very busy day. It just ended with her knocked out with a big smile on her pretty face....

My day started bright and early. I went over to Yellow Bone's apartment and picked her up. I smiled when she climbed into my car sporting a brand new pair of Air Jordans. Earlier this week I told her to go out and buy some tennis shoes because she would need them for the day I had planned. Yellow Bones only wears heels, sandals and sometimes flip-flops. So I couldn't help but smile when she climbed into my car with a pair of Jordans on her feet. 

Yellow Bone: Where are we going?

Me: It's a surprise. 

I drove us downtown to the location where the horse and carriage was supposed to meet us. It arrived right on time. I'll never forget the look on Yellow Bone's face when she saw the white carriage (complete with red velvet interior) and a white horse pull up (very similar to the picture up above). She broke into a wide smile. 

I got out of the car, grabbed Peanut from the backseat and grabbed Yellow Bone's hand. Together we walked over to the carriage.

Yellow Bone:

Me: Yep! It's all for you baby. You said you want the fairy tale so your chariot awaits...

The carriage driver was getting ready to climbed down to open the door to the carriage, but I stopped him. I wanted to open the door for Yellow Bone myself (and they say chivalry is dead!). I opened the door for her and gave her my hand to help her climb the step. Once we were in the carriage the carriage driver handed Yellow Bone the dozen roses I prearranged for him to give her. 

Yellow Bone: Wow...I don't know what to say.

Me: You don't have to say a thing. The look on your face says it all. This is our ride for the next 60 minutes so let's just sit back and enjoy it.

With one hand resting on Peanut, who sat in my lap, I put my available arm around Yellow Bone. And with that we made our way through the city of Atlanta. Luckily for us, the rain from the day before dried up and it was a beautiful day.

Later we took a stroll through Piedmont park with Peanut. When that was over, I dropped Yellow Bone off at her place and she promised to come over to my place after she showered etc. I'm sure you can guess how the rest of our evening/night went. I ordered take out. We playfully fed each other. I put on some Jodeci (Yellow Bone's favorite fuck song is Stay by Jodeci) and we made love.

It was a good day!

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