Friday, August 3, 2012

My, How The Tables Have Turned: My Property Manager Wants To Fuck Me...I think

I think my property manager wants to screw me. Yes, you read that statement right! Let me start from the beginning...

This morning I woke up feeling good as hell. It was the first day this week that I actually felt great and on top of the world. I don't know if this mood change is due to Yellow Bone and me finding common ground, my beautiful new puppy or what. Something put an extra pep in my step. 

I woke up, showered and got fly. I went out and got my hair trimmed and my eyebrows waxed. I bought a new watch and some perfume. By the time I made it to the rent office at 3:00 in the evening I was looking, smelling and feeling pretty damn good! 

I pay my rent with two money orders. I usually hand my money orders to a member of the staff and wait for them to make copies for me. Ever since I confessed my love for my property manger (you can read about that HERE, HERE and HERE) and got REJECTED I have been avoiding her. Truthfully that remains one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. I don't even like thinking about how much of a sucker I was for that woman. When I walk into the rent office I don't look her way and I pray she doesn't look my way either.

The last time she and I set eyes on each other was about two weeks ago. Yellow Bone and I were on the patio kicking it. I saw my property manager and the maintenance man pull up in a golf cart a few feet from my apartment. When I looked over at her she was staring at me and Yellow Bone. I decided to make the most of the opportunity. I pulled Yellow Bone close and passionately french kissed. While our lips were glued together I looked over Yellow Bone's shoulder to give my property manager what I hope was a You know you want it look. For a brief second we locked eyes, but she quickly broke the stare. 

Again that was two weeks ago. Today as I sat waiting for my receipt I hoped to avoid her. Well, this didn't happen. She came out of her office, saw me at a nearby table and came straight over. 

Her: Have you been helped?

Me: Yep!

Her: How are you today?

Me (nonchalant): I'm good.

Her: You're looking good.

Me (arrogant as ever): I know this!

She smiled at my last statement.

Me: So I guess you're not avoiding me anymore?

Her: Who said I was avoiding you?

Me: C'mon...I think we both know what's up...

She placed her hand on top of my hand at that point. I looked from her to her hand. She followed my gaze.

Her: This isn't the place, but I do have something I want to say to you. 

And with that she went back into her office. I don't know if that was my invitation to join her in the office or what. I didn't follow her. This woman can get me into trouble. It's probably better to avoid her. The last thing I need in my life is some sexual temptation from another woman.

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