Thursday, August 2, 2012

Yellow Bone & I Are Now Parents

Yellow Bone showed up on my doorstep tonight with a curly haired cropper colored poodle. He looks exactly like this....

Yellow Bone & I Are Now Parents

I took one look at him and fell head over heels in love! I always wanted a dog, but my grandmother and my parents wouldn't let me have one. I had to settle for the stray cats my grandmother attracted with our table-scraps.

The sight of the dog immediately lifted my spirits. He is 4 weeks old, small and adorable. If you pick him up he lays perfectly still in your lap. I love the feel of his curly hair.

Yellow Bone bought him from a pet store in Lithonia. He came with a pedigree chart. He also has a pet microchip inside him...just in case he ever gets lost. 

Right now he's on the floor nibbling on my right sock. I decided to call him Peanut. Yellow Bone has agreed to co-parent with he's her baby too. I guess that makes us a family....
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