Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Race DOES Matter!

Race Does Matter

This blog might offend some people but I'm going to keep it all the way real. Race DOES matter. I don't care what the media or anyone else has to say about it. Race matters in the United States. It matters a lot. People can say race is a social construct (which it is), but that doesn't change the reality that race plays a big part in everything from economics to social relationships in this country. This social construct is here and I don't see it going anywhere in my lifetime. 

In a recent blog I asked BLACK lesbians does the race of their partner matter? So far 35.29% (6 votes) have said YES, only a black woman will do. Nine people (52.94%) voted no race doesn't matter and they're opened to dating outside their race. Two people (11.76%) said they don't know. I found these results very interesting and it got me asking some questions about myself and my own personal relationships (and can view the poll HERE).

I have dated outside my race. However, black women are my preference. Even while I was dating outside my race I desired a black woman. In fact, dating non-black women only made me want a black woman more. Why? The main reason is probably due to the reality that I feel more complete with a black woman. When I was dating non-black women I felt empty as hell. The next, reason is I couldn't honestly see myself building a life with a non-black woman. I couldn't see myself having children with someone who isn't black.

One of the thoughts that crossed my mind while dating outside my race was my future. I started thinking about our children. Would they be black? Would they be white? Would we adopt one of each? Would they be biracial? In an interracial lesbian relationship there is a HUGE question mark over the race of your future children. Unlike a heterosexual interracial relationship where the parents already know how the child will be created (and the race of said child), lesbians actually have to think about these things because we cannot procreate the heterosexual way. Two lesbians of the same race probably don't think about race quite as much because they likely want a child that shares their race.

I ultimately came the decision that I don't want biracial or white kids. I want black children. There is nothing wrong with biracial or white kids, but I don't want them. One of the things that crossed my mind was legacy and generational wealth. I started worrying about passing on a legacy to my children which includes my name, my heritage and my RESOURCES. I want my children to have whatever wealth and assets I manage to accumulate in my lifetime. My house, stocks, bonds, etc should go to my children. Well, I would feel AWFUL if these children were white or even biracial. Why? Because my hard earned shit is going to find it's way to the WHITE community...the community that believes in keeping their resources in THEIR community...while fucking all other communities (people of color) in the ass. 

My situation would be just another example of black wealth leaving the black community and floating to the white community. I refuse to be apart of that issue. Some of you might ask, "Well what does it matter?" It matters a hell of a lot! Just think about it...

The black unemployment rate is the highest in this country. Black people lag behind in everything from education to median family income. We have a lot of shit in our community that needs to be fixed. Clearly we are not in a position to be throwing away our resources via interracial relationships and non-black children, who very often end up with non-black spouses themselves. Those resources should go to black descendants to help them start from a position other than the bottom, which is where most of us start.

I don't want my black children or grandchildren out begging for a minimum wage job if I have the resources to help them go to college and start a business. I want my children to climb on my back and jump over the fence I, my parents and my grandparents, couldn't jump over. Those children should NOT be white or biracial.

I know some people are thinking, "Well, even if you have black children that doesn't mean your children will have black children." This is very true. However, I happen to believe MOST black folks want a spouse and kids that look like them. So, I have faith that my children, given a sense of pride in their heritage, like me WILL seek to keep their resources in the hands of other black people when choosing a spouse. 

My older brother is co-habituating with a white chick and he has two children with her. My grandmother on my mother's side (not the one I talk about on this blog) just bought them a house because my broke ass brother couldn't afford to put a roof over his family's head. She hasn't signed the house over to him, though he wants her to do so. This is what I told my grandmother in front of my brother and his girlfriend after overhearing their conversation:

Me: If I were you I would never sign it over to him. If his babymama ever gets it in her head to leave his ass she's taking the house with her. If "insert brother's name" dies, this chick (points to white girlfriend) is walking off with the house YOU BOUGHT with YOUR hard earned money. Either way, her ass is going to get the house that you had no business buying for him in the first place. And that's just another example of black wealth ending up in white hands.

The three of them looked at me shocked, but as far as I'm concerned it's the truth. My brother's girlfriend is poor. Her family is from the trailer park (and no I'm not just saying that...she really is from the trailer park). The little house my grandmother bought for my brother probably seems like a MANSION to her and her family. So I have no doubt she would walk off with it if something ever happened to my brother or she decided to leave him.

Here is another more famous example...

Right now the media is going crazy over the Jackson family drama, which centers around Michael Jackson's white ass kids, his black immediate family and the money he left behind. A couple of days ago Katherine Jackson, Micheal's 83 year old mother, was declared missing because she took the hell off without a word. It turns out Katherine was in Arizona with her oldest daughter, Rebbie. 

I imagine Katherine probably needed a break. She probably didn't plan to raise another generation of her family. These are her twilight years. She should be off watching soap operas while waiting to die. That woman already raised her children (and probably half of her grandchildren too). On top of that she has to deal with her sorry ass good for nothing has-been sons constantly hitting her up for money. So I can understand if she's tired as hell.

Michael Jackson should have considered his mother's age when he put the burden of raising his children on her. Rebbie would have been a better choice as a caretaker. But anyway, bullshit has popped off in that family and it's mostly over money. Whoever is the guardian of the kids controls the money. As of right now temporary custody has been awarded to Tito's oldest son (?). 

All of this bullshit could have been prevented if Michael Jackson had his children within a REAL marriage to a woman he loved. People on the internet are calling his kids "test tube babies" and that's probably what they are because there is no way this man...

Race Does Matter

Created these white ass kids...

Race Does Matter

Blanket might be Hispanic (or something), but those other two are the product of two Anglo-saxons.

When these kids grow up and they inherit Michael Jackson's dough guess where it's probably going to go? 

Right back to the white community! 

Michael Jackson's self-hating ass should have thought about this nonsense when he picked the race of his kids. Some people will probably say, "Well Michael Jackson didn't care about race. Remember his song black or white?" Yeah, that's bullshit! Michael Jackson clearly had issues with his own appearance. He hated the way he looked. I won't go as far as saying he had a problem being black, but he had some serious issues with what he saw in the mirror. It is very likely he didn't want children that reflected his image (biological or not).

Already these kids are flexing their weight. The media is reporting that Janet Jackson got into with Paris (the girl in the picture)....

Our sources say at one point Janet tried to grab a resistant Paris’ cell phone, a scuffle ensued and Janet slapped the teenager, screaming, “You’re a spoiled little bitch!” We’re told Paris fired back with her own slap and told Janet, “This is our house. Not the Jackson family house. Get the f**k out!”

Now I don't know how true the above statement is (Paris has said the slap never happened), but if Paris is aware that she and her brothers own the Jackson family home this BLACK family that came from nothing (and ended up with nothing...well the boys anyway) is in trouble. Just think about that for a second. This family came for nothing. They made it to the top and came crashing back to the bottom. If that isn't bad enough, their family home--the one thing that should bring a sense of pride and accomplishment--belongs to whites.

I was under the impression that Katherine owned the home. At one point it was reported that JANET paid the mortgage on the home after Michael failed to do so. Remember Michael bought the house from Joe Jackson in the early 1980s. He had the house torn down and rebuilt. I guess the house has been in his name ever since. What the hell will become of the house once Katherine dies? Technically I guess the house belongs to Paris and her sibling...shacking my fucking head. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this child is referring to another house. Either way it's still fucked up that these white kids are the heirs to Micheal Jackson's money and real estate.

If I made millions (or billions) of dollars selling pop music to mostly white people I sure as hell wouldn't give my money BACK to them. Michael Jackson could have adopted some BLACK kids. He could have given his money to black charities and black organizations.

If by chance I don't have any children I've already decided my assets will go to Spelman College (my alma mater if you didn't know) for the educational advancement of tomorrow's young black women. I believe giving my money to causes supporting black women will have a trickle down effect...meaning it will trickle down to the black community as a whole.

Anyway, that's my rant for today.
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