Wednesday, July 18, 2012

LezIntellect, The Business Woman? Maybe!

This Chick Is NOT ME!
For as long as I can remember I have wanted to start a business. I was never quite sure what type of business I wanted to start. I believe for black people the question what type of business do I want to start is a hard one to answer? Why? Because black people, collectively, don't support black businesses. If you are black and thinking of starting a business you need to start one that doesn't cater to JUST black people. 

It is really sad things have to be that way, but it's the truth. The ONLY black businesses that really get any support from black people in this country are...
  1. The beauty shop & barber shop.
  2. The club (strip clubs, dance clubs etc).
  3. The funeral home (probably the most profitable business of the three). 
  4. Independent music labels or entertainment entrepreneurs period (i.e, Tyler Perry & Company)...though there is an exception to this one. Unless you're writing urban/hood life novels chances are your books don't sell as well with black folks.
If you're not fucking with one of those four you get no love from black folks. 

There was a time when we owned banks, newspapers, grocery stores, gas stations, farms, etc. Those days are a thing of the past. For the most part the black race is a consumer race....not a producer race.  And we are paying the price for it (i.e., our unemployment rate).

Again, the shit is sad. 

So you can probably understand why I don't jump at the opportunity to start a business catering solely to black people. Black people probably won't support it and because of widespread racism "others" might not support it either.

What type of business was I thinking of starting?

For a while I thought about going to mortuary school and opening up a funeral home. This is one business in the black community that will never go out of business. The way niggas are killing each other in Chicago and New Orleans I could make a fortune if I put my funeral home right in the heart of the ghetto in one of those cities. 

It's also unlikely that niggas will rob the funeral home because funeral homes typically freak people out. This is the only business that is SAFE in the hood. It's the only business (along with beauty and barbershops) that I believe can thrive in the hood or a predominately black community. 

Funeral homes are typically passed down through generations. Every black funeral home I know is named Somebody & Son. That means somebody, usually the patriarch of the family, started a funeral home and it's run by him and his sons. 

My future children can inherit the family funeral home and build a rich lasting history. They can pass it on to their children and so on. So, black funeral homes are good business in my opinion. However, a black funeral home is not exactly my first choice of a business. 

I would like to become a publisher. 

I would like to create a publishing company and publish the works of authors. Because I believe e-books are taking over the publishing world (relax hard copy books will ALWAYS be around and a lot of people still prefer hard copy books....including me). I think this is an inexpensive business opportunity for me. Think of it like a rapper starting a hip hop label. He doesn't just want to publish himself. Chances are he wants to bring others in on his label. Well, I want to do the same thing but with e-books and authors.

So what's stopping me?

Well, I'm like a lot of black folks. I have a good idea and the resources to put behind it but I lack direction. I don't know where to begin. I fear I might fuck up and have the IRS on my ass for tax evasion. Basically, I'm not educated enough to start a business. I don't want to enroll in any business management class because this is something that I believe I need to learn hands on. I'm not sure if I should shadow a publisher or what. 

And in case you were wondering, I would like to be a mainstream publisher with a wide variety of authors...not one that is genre or audience specific. I've been looking at models of e-book imprints and I'm really digging this one.

We will have to wait and see what happens with this idea. I will say this much: I'm tired of working for someone else and barely getting by. I cannot imagine doing this shit for the rest of my life so I know I need to put in some work FAST.

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