Friday, July 13, 2012

A Cute Moment Between Yellow Bone & Me

Late last night I was sitting at my desktop computer when Yellow Bone decided to park her naked ass on my desk in front of me. My desk is big, wide and flat so it had no problem holding her weight along with all the other things on it. 

Yellow Bone loves to walk around in the nude. When she's at home or at my place she doesn't like to wear clothes. I'm fine with this arrangement because that means I don't have to take off any of her clothes when our flirting turns to fucking (as it usually does). 

Anyway, I'm on my computer responding to some emails when Yellow Bone comes up behind me and then parks herself on my desk. She parks herself right in front of me--successfully blocking my view of my computer screen. She puts one leg on the left armrest of my office chair and the other leg on the opposite armrest so that I have a wide open view of her pretty inviting pussy. 

She smiles at me after she catches me looking. She playfully begins fingering herself.

Me (returning her smile): Don't start nothing you can't finish.

Yellow Bone: Who said I can't finish?

Me: (Chuckling)

Yellow Bone: Baby?

Me (Still Chucking): Yes?

Yellow Bone: I think my breast are getting bigger.

I stare at her for a minute, trying to decide if she's serious. Yellow Bone has the most prefect breast I've ever seen on a woman. They are not too big and they are not too small. They are perky. They are perfect. 

Me: Are you serious?

Yellow Bone: Yes, I'm serious. I think my breast are getting bigger.

Me: We'll let me see. 

I stand up and reach for her breast. I playfully rub her nipples before leaning forward to suck first her left breast and then her right breast. 

I suck on each breast for about 20 seconds. 

I purposely pause, nipple in mouth, whenever she moans. 

Done teasing her, I take a step back and if something is actually bothering me.

Yellow Bone (perplexed): What?

Me: You know...I think...

Yellow Bone: What???

Yellow Bone is looking worried at this point.


We both burst into laughter. 

I retake my seat at my desk and Yellow Bone playfully wraps her legs around me.

Yellow Bone: You are so lucky I love you...
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