Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Frank Ocean's Sexuality

Frank Ocean's Sexuality

Okay let me first say I don't give a damn about Frank Ocean. The black blogosphere has been burning up with this story about him coming out the closet as bisexual or gay. This is significant because he is the first mainstream hip hop/R&B artist to make such a confession. Very few black celebrities have openly broadcasted their sexuality to the world. Frank Ocean broke a taboo in the hip hop world: He admitted he likes men.

I'm not a fan of Frank Ocean or any other modern day black "entertainer" (I use the word loosely because I don't see anything entertaining about most of them). When I first heard he came out the closet I thought, "Good for him." That was it. I put the whole thing out of my mind.

If you read this blog you know I don't have a favorable opinion of gay black men. I stir clear of them here in Atlanta because they are so annoyingly flamboyant, feminine and "extra" that it's hard for me to even respect them. So, when Frank Ocean decided to tell the world he likes men (via a blog) I didn't blink an eye...that was until TODAY...

Because I'm not really familiar with Frank Ocean's music I had to look him up on Youtube and this is what I found...

Houston we have a motherfucking problem!

The imaginary in Frank Ocean's videos and the lyrics in his songs show someone who has clearly been living a lie and deceiving WOMEN...and you can bet MOST of those women have probably been black.

From my understanding Frank Ocean is one of those individuals who bragged about his sexual conquest with WOMEN on his twitter account. How many of those women do you think he told about his taste for semen? How many of those women do you think knew about his sexuality? How many of those women were given the option of saying "Hell fucking naw" when faced with the reality of his sexuality?

My guess: NONE.

I don't care how famous you are or how much money you have, black women as a whole aren't into screwing men who screw other men....and that is their RIGHT. They should have the option of opting out of sexual relations with MEN who are BISEXUAL and GAY. By lying to them or simply not telling them the whole and bisexual black men deny black women that right.

I have a problem with down low niggas. Like their down low black female counterparts I consider them cowards. These men fuck all the men they want without regard to their sexual health then they turn around and pass their diseases to unsuspecting black women. They would rather put someone's life in danger than confront the world with their truth. It is selfish as hell!

Next thing we know the black community is hit with documentaries like this....

This is ONE of the main reasons gay black men are so hated in the black community.

ALL gay black men aren't the problem. The problem is the gay/bisexual black men who DECEIVE the women in their lives.

If you are on the down low why isn't it possible to just stay on one side of the tracks and live your life in the closet??? If Frank Ocean is gay why not be COMPLETELY gay on the down low? Why sleep with black women? If Frank Ocean is bisexual why not have enough respect for black women to tell them the truth about his sexuality and let them decide whether or not they want any part of him?
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