Friday, July 6, 2012

This Is My Last Time Saying It: This Blog Is Not For The Faint-Hearted

So yesterday I posted a video of a stud sucking a big dick. This video WAS SENT TO ME VIA EMAIL BY SOMEONE THAT READS THIS BLOG. I saw the video and I thought to myself "Wow what the fuck?!?" I posted the video on my blog. 

Some people thought I crossed the line. 

Let me explain something to you people: On MY blog there is no line. I post whatever the hell I want. Reading this blog is a privilege...not a right. I can just as easily set my blog to private and only allow invited users to read it.

The video in question took place in a classroom setting (judging from what I saw). When I saw that I didn't think the stud might be a child. Instead I thought this is one nasty chick. I sat in similar classroom all through college. I've seen classrooms like it on college campuses, at technical schools etc. The classroom thing didn't automatically make me think "Gee this might be a child sucking a dick." And given the bass in the guy's voice, and the way the chick handled the dick I was incline to believe these were two grown ass people getting it in on tape. And yes, quite a few grown adults film themselves getting it in. I don't honestly know the ages of the for that I will agree, I should have thought twice about posting it (it has been removed). All I can say is my bad...I should have thought twice about it. It was a bad judgement call.

Poor taste? Yes.
Bad judgement? Yes.
Regrettable? Yes.

However, what pisses me off the most is these comments and emails I get from people who don't particularly like something I write on MY blog or find themselves offended by something I said. I'm not here to kiss anyone's ass. I'm not here to make friends. I'm not here to make you feel good about yourself or your sexuality. I'm not here guide you through life. IF THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR PLEASE SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP. I'm not in the business of making anyone feel good about themselves.

This blog is MY personal journal. These blogs are my unfiltered thoughts. I don't censor myself simply because this shit appears on the internet. How you personally feel about anything I write or put on this blog doesn't fucking matter to me. Yes, you are welcome to share your thoughts and yes you are entitled to your opinion. And yes, you have a right to disagree with me. However, don't come preaching to me about what's right and what's wrong. Don't lecture me about anything I write on here. Don't bash me because I don't see shit the same way you do. Don't come at me cussing and carrying on. I will block your ass from my blog. 

Bottom line: This blog is NOT for the faint-hearted. If you don't like what the hell I write and post on this blog UNSUBSCRIBE and STOP following it. Everything I post on here is NOT politically correct. Everything I write on here is NOT politically correct. But again these are my thoughts and feelings. I'm not censoring myself for anyone.
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