Sunday, July 1, 2012

Black Folks & Religion: We Collectively Need To Re-Evaluate Our Thinking!

Religion is one of those subjects I try to avoid because I don't have anything good to say about it. I grew up in a church, but I abandoned it once I came to terms with the reality that I don't believe like those who claim to be Christians. 

I'm not an atheist. Instead I am agnostic because I honestly don't know what to believe. I don't have enough information to say there isn't a God and I don't have enough information to say there is a God. I just don't know...and I'm not searching for answers. My life doesn't revolve around a book of fables (the bible) and mythical figures (Moses and them other folks).

One of the main reasons I made the decision to abandon the church and Christianity is because I became disgusted with all the hypocritical bullshit I see from so-called BLACK Christians. For example, black Christians will rally in the street against homosexuality yet they are noticeably silent on about the following: 
  1. LACK of marriage in the black community (and MOST of them aren't married)
  2. All the damn out of wedlock black children walking around (and MOST of them have children out of wedlock).
  3. Crime
  4. Promiscuity (I have yet to meet a black Christian who is NOT guilty of this one).
  5. Devaluation of education
Black Christians SELECTIVELY pick their battles and they SELECTIVELY acknowledge their religion and bibles. This is why I don't cut black gays/lesbians any slack when they try to use the "I grew up in a religious family so I was scared to come out of the that's why I went off and had several out of wedlock children" excuse. So you'll commit a sin while claiming to be afraid to live your life in a gay/lesbian relationship???


Why? Again BLACK Christians SELECTIVELY acknowledge their religion. The same people black gays/lesbians fear are the SAME motherfuckers who aren't married, have kids out of wedlock and sleep around. I mean much fear can these people put in others???

Stop letting these bitches scare you from LIVING your life.

The same black gay and lesbian Christians who are supposedly so afraid of being gay have absolutely NO PROBLEM committing a wide variety of sins. I'm telling you...this is selective nitpicking if I've ever seen it.

I've heard so many black people say, "Jesus will make a way" whenever they have found themselves in an unexpected situation (ex. late bills, illness, etc) yet these people are usually living in poverty, don't have shit to show for their lives, are disillusioned by oppression/racism and just suffer from a list of issues. Jesus, where ever he is, has NOT made a way for them. Praying about it hasn't helped them. 

I know SOME people NEED faith in order to make it in this world, but for black people--African Americans--the shit hasn't worked! 

Collectively, as a group, we are the most exploited, the most disillusioned, the most uneducated group in the USA. We don't control the businesses in our communities. We are only 12.5% of the USA population so politicians don't even feel a need to EARN our vote. Our kids are some of the most disrespectful and uneducated idiots in the world. Most of us aren't married and our nuclear families have gone straight to hell. Our communities are FILLED with violence. What the hell has praying to Jesus done for African Americans???

I don't see it. I don't see anything to show for all the damn praying!

We seriously need to re-evaluate our thinking on religion. Between religion and our destructive culture it's safe to say we are LOSING in this world. 

I'll write a part 2 to this blog because I didn't even get to the Jim Jones nonsense.
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