Friday, June 29, 2012

Disney's First Black Princess

I know I'm a few years late with this one but my first time watching The Princess & The Frog (a film about Disney's first black princess) was yesterday. Yellow Bone and I cuddled up on my sofa to watch it on the Disney channel last night. I must say I really enjoyed the film. I loved the music, comedy and everything else. The characters were very funny.

When this film first came out there was a great deal of uproar from a group of dumbasses in the black community. First, there was talk about the princess's name. People didn't like it. Next, there was talk about the minstrel show looking fire fly. People didn't like the way that he talked and the way he looked (I mean a gawdamn fire fly...really people?). Finally, and perhaps the most heavily debated topic, was the race of the prince. People didn't like the fact that he wasn't black. 

None of the above matters to kids who are fairly oblivious to this type of bullshit. They just want to watch the film, enjoy it and laugh. They don't give a rat's ass about the prince's race, the princess's name or the way the fire fly talks. It was their stupid parents making a big deal about all of the above.

Disney made the brave move of giving its first black princess a non-black prince. Kudos to them for keeping it real! Even though the prince is clearly a man of color (Creole? Hispanic?...I don't know) thing is for sure: he is NOT black.  

I personally think Disney got it right. 

When I think about a charming man (Prince charming if you will), a gentleman, a respectful man, a handsome prince or a king I can honestly say a black man doesn't immediately come to mind. I'm pretty sure it's the same for MOST other races of women too. Shit...I'm sure it's true for a number of black women too. They may not openly admit it, but black men for the most part simply don't bring to mind images of the knight in shinning armor. 

Blame conditioning. Blame racism. Blame whoever you want. Personally I think BLACK MEN should bare the burden of blame here. Their image is so unbelievably fucked up. 

Let's say Disney did give the black princess a black prince. What would her life be like? 

She would probably be his babymama (yeah I said it). In fact, she would probably be one in a LONG line of babymamas. She would probably be living in poverty, on welfare, collecting section 8 carrying around an arm full of his bastard children that he forgot exist. She would probably sit around thinking one day he might just marry her and value her above all his other babymamas. Her friends will try to talk some sense in her, but secretly will continue to hold out hope that one day...he will marry her.

Meanwhile, the black prince will be living the good life in his mansion while dropping babies all over his kingdom. Marriage will be the furthest thing from his mind. In terms of character and morality he sucks big time. He'll blame the women of his kingdom for his womanizing ways and continue to exploit them without remorse. He'll flaunt his wealth and then call women gold diggers for desiring his wealth.

Hmm...sound familiar? Black prince could be any number of black male celebrities out here.

The poor princess, who had dreams of owning a restaurant in the film, will have to give up her dreams because she made the mistake of falling for the wrong damn man (and really if a black prince is a piss poor choice...what does that say about the rest of the men in his kingdom?). She will become fat, busted and ugly. She will look older than her age. She will grow bitter and disillusioned with life. In short, her life will be a tragedy rather than a fairy tale.

So, I honestly see why the prince couldn't be black. A "good" upstanding morally sound black prince is simply too much of a fairy tale to be true. A lot of people cannot imagine it.
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