Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Is My Ability To Get Some Pussy The Most Interesting Thing On This Blog???

Readers....tell me what's really good?! 

I noticed I've received more reactions from the post I Asked For A Freak & That's What I Got than any other post on this blog. You can view the reactions at the end of the blog. So far 2 people think the post is FUNNY (hmmm...?), 1 person thinks it's interesting and 2 people think it's cool. 

I wonder...why are blogs about my relationship/sex life the most popular on this blog? 

I've written some honest (though some might call ignorant) shit on this blog. I've written some depressing blogs. I've written blog criticizing society. NONE of them seem to spark the reaction I get when writing about yellow bone or getting laid. Why? Is my ability to get some pussy the most interesting thing on this blog? 

Talk to me. I'm very curious about this....email me or comment below.
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