Friday, June 8, 2012

Coming Soon: Cherry Hills (A Lesbian Soap Opera)!!!

I don't know if any of you have noticed or not, but I've been slowly but surely making my blog a little bit more "social network friendly." You can now easily share my blog with your friends, co-workers etc and you can like my blog on Facebook (be sure to do that by the way...simply click the "like my blog on facebook" widget in the sidebar). In addition to this you can now read my blog on your Amazon Kindle. There is a reason for all this...

For a long time I complained about lack of representation of black lesbians and lesbians of color in the media. We are damn near non-existent. If we exist at all it's usually in the most stereotypical capacity (i.e., Sajdah from The Real L World or any of the chicks on the web series Between Women). The crap that exist right now sucks ass...

I literally cringe when I'm watching shit like this^^^. 

I don't know any lesbians that act like that! I don't want to know any lesbians that act like that. It is so stereotypical. When I look at the women in the above video I cannot relate to them. They don't reflect my reality. It is hard for me to even view them as WOMEN! I might as well be looking at two black MEN arguing over some female because that's what it feels like I'm watching. It is just terrible. I cannot even believe this series is popular with black lesbians. Seriously...our culture is FUCKED UP...if this is passing for creative entertainment.

Well, if you're like me...chances are you are tired of this shit. There is a caliber of us (I'm guessing the educated set) looking for a more polished and sophisticated form of entertainment.

I've always wanted to write/produce the type of representation of black lesbians I want to see. I want to see educated, polished, articulate, beautiful black women loving, romancing, sexing and kicking it with each other. In my head most of these women are FEMININE or TOMBOYS (but NOT studs or butch as all hell).

I want to see these women raising children together. I also want to see them lying, cheating, stealing and abusing (let's face it...that's just apart of life). In my head all of the above is done with class and not with them screaming some old stereotypical "black English" at each other like, "Dude...Dude what are you doing here man?" I can't even picture a WOMAN saying some shit like that!

I admit I'm biased. I don't like looking at studs. I don't even like seeing the stud/fem dynamic. I want to see the fem/fem or the fem/tomboy dynamic. I feel like this: If I wanted to look at stud/fem dynamic I might as well watch a web series, movie or television show featuring heterosexual male/female couples. The point of me being a lesbian is I like/love women, who are true to their femininity. So, naturally my taste are going to reflect this reality. 

Anyway, about Cherry Hills...

First thing, Cherry Hills has SOUL. It has the soul of a slow R&B ballad. That is intentional because I believe I carry that soul in me. I'm old school...I have an old soul...that soul comes out naturally.
Cherry Hills was partly inspired by The Women of Brewster Place, Melrose Place and Waiting to Exhale.  I am a huge fan of all three.... 

The Women of Brewster Place remains one of my favorite books/films. The story centers around a group of women living in poverty in the late 1960s. The women share the same apartment complex. Some are old and some are young. There is a lesbian couple in the story too (one of the few black lesbian stories that cuts at my heart because one of the lesbians is later gang raped by the black neighborhood terrorist and friends). The ending made me sick and gave me nightmares. It also showed me that straight women probably shouldn't even attempt to write about gay women (kind of like white women writing about black almost always falls flat). The dialogue between the two lesbians is SO REAL and I felt it because I saw alot of my ex and myself in those two characters. The character Lorraine is 100% my ex-girlfriend, while personality wise I am more Theresa.

Melrose Place was a 1990s prime time soap opera about a group of people living in the same apartment complex. It was filled with sensational drama and I loved it.

And Waiting to Exhale is a book/film about four black women struggling with love and friendship. My mother practically raised me on this film and the soundtrack, which I have been listening to while writing Cherry Hills (Listen Here).

Cherry Hills centers around an apartment complex (named Cherry Hills) in which a group of black lesbians live and love. These are all well-to-do lesbians. The apartment complex is known as a "safe haven" of sorts for black lesbians in Atlanta. Some of the lesbians are in committed relationships while others are single and mingling or on the verge of losing their relationship.

I'm not going to lie to you....Cherry Hills is FULL of drama, but it's tastefully done, which was very important to me because I don't want to portray stereotypes in my writing. Cherry Hills is my guilty pleasure. It is the trashy fiction I love to write and read when I'm not working on the deep socially conscious science fiction I love more!

This is how it will work...

Cherry Hills is going to be a fiction based e-book series. 

I will write and make available ONE chapter a week. Each chapter is going to be .99 cent. I plan to give some chapters away for free. I'm trying to find a subscription based software so readers can just pay a flat monthly fee and subscribe rather than paying .99 cent a week if they desire. If you know of any such software email me. 

The chapters will run you will get your money's worth. Once I start typing it is hard for me to stop. I can easily turn out twenty pages single spaced on my Dana. 

Cherry Hills will be delivered via Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook and through my blog. On my blog readers will be able to download chapters directly using a third party software (more about this's not pay via paypal and it's delivered to your computer via PDF). 

In the coming weeks I will do several character profiles on this blog. These character profiles will be very detailed and will feature gorgeous illustrations of the characters as I have envisioned them in my head. 

I'm so excited. I'm doing what I really love, which is writing and creating. If you have any questions or comments drop them in the comment section. Now back to the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack and writing....

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