Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Asked For A Freak & That's What I Got!

I Asked For A Freak & That's What I Got

After I wrote the blog about my love for AKAs and my hate for gay black men Yellow Bone got pissed off. Why? Because she's a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta. She read that particular blog and went off on my ass.

Me: (taken aback) Babe I got love for all the bad sorority chicks in this world. It's just that...well the AKAs have a special place in my heart. I remember in college my best friend asked me if I wanted to be an AKA. I thought about it and said, 'Naw...I don't want to be an AKA...I want to fuck an AKA...there is a difference!' I've always had a thing for's not personal. The Deltas are bad too!

Yellow Bone: Well, your girlfriend is a Delta so that means you need to be on my team and stop STANNING for AKAs. 

Me: Why does it have to be like that? Can't we all just get along???

We went back and forth for a whole thirty minutes before she left my apartment in a huff. 

I put the whole thing out of my mind until later on that night when Yellow Bone came over. I was in the kitchen cooking some pasta. She came in carrying a duffel bag, which she normally brings with her when she's spending the night. When she walked into my apartment she didn't say a word to me so I assumed she was still pissed off about the argument we had earlier that day. She headed straight for the bathroom and slammed the door without a word to me.

I remember thinking damn it's going to be a long night. I cannot stand when she's mad at me. This woman has the ability to fuck up my whole day if she's pissed off at me.

Anyway, I'm at the stove doing my thing when she finally emerges from the bathroom. When I turned to face her I almost dropped the spoon full of pasta I was getting ready to put into my mouth!

Yellow Bone stood smiling at me in her red, white, and gold trimmed Delta Sigma Theta jacket (with nothing under it), a red thong, and some red six inch heels.

I was getting ready to say something when Yellow Bone shushed me! 

I can take a hint! I dropped the spoon full of pasta in the sink and wrapped my arms around her slim waist. 

Me: I guess this means you're not mad at me?

Yellow Bone: No baby I'm not mad...but it's time for you to recognize why Deltas are number one. 

Touching led to kissing and kissing led to fucking....I'm sure you can imagine the rest!

This is the type of woman I've been praying for and God I am loving it! 

Fuck an AKA...Team Delta!
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