Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Changed My Mind...I'm Not Really Up For Being The Sole or Main Provider For My Family

Since I've been living COMPLETELY on my own I've come to one very important conclusion: I cannot see myself solely supporting a family on my own. 

If you've been paying attention you know I wanted a situation where my woman wouldn't have to work. I wanted to provide for her every need and have a situation where she either stayed home with OUR kids or did whatever it is she likes to do. Needless to say I was naive as hell. I see now this OLD FASHIONED shit is NOT the business.

Not only will my woman HAVE to work, but she will need to be bringing in a fair share of the household income. When I thought about ALL the crap we need in life (it took me finally getting my own place minus any roommates to see it) the light-bulb came on. 

  1. Rent/Mortgage payments
  2. Car note, gas, car insurance
  3. House insurance
  4. Health insurance
  5. Other utilities (gas, power, cable, water, sewer, property tax etc).
  6. Kids's needs (school supplies, books, clothes, etc).
  7. Food
  8. Kids' education (College savings plan)
  9. Our retirement accounts (Social security probably won't be around when I get old).
  10. An adequate savings account.
  11. Life insurance
  12. Possible daycare expenses. 
  13. Miscellaneous expenses (nights out on the town, kids' soccer games etc).
  14. Our needs (clothes, shoes, hair etc). 
  15. Unseen expenses (medical bills not covered by insurance etc).
  16. Student loans (Yeah I got a few and I suspect she will have some too).
Just look at that list. That is probably $2500+ worth of expenses every month.  I don't want to pay this by myself. So that broad needs to be coming to the table with her share of the bills.

Marriage is on my mind more than ever before, but taking care of another able body adult ain't happening. The ONLY way I see it happening is IF I'm ever blessed with a load of cash.

Then there is this thought: If she and I divorce, who would get the house and the stuff we've worked together to build??? 

Next question: Do I really want to slave away for most my life only to have my ex-wife walk off with the fruits of my labor??? Then I would have to pull an O.J. Simpson because I would be REALLY pissed if she were living in the house I PAID FOR with another chick.

Now I understand how men feel!
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