Monday, May 14, 2012

Man I Really Dig SOME White Women!

See the lady in the picture? Her name is Joanna Johnson. She is an actress probably best known for her role as Caroline Spencer on the soap opera The Bold & The Beautiful.....

As you can see the woman was a BANGER in her prime! She was and still is beautiful!

I've been a fan of  The Bold & The Beautiful since I was a child. This was one of those soap operas my grandmother watched so I was forced to watch it too. However, when Ms. Johnson was on the show I a toddler. And when she was killed off in 1990 I was five years old. Still over the years I've watched youtube clips featuring her and other characters on the show so I've always known who she was and what character she played. I've always been impressed because she always came across as the sophisticated beautiful chick (exactly the type I'm most attracted to...She also always reminded me of Blair from The Facts of Life). Just last week I was watching Youtube clips featuring her.

Well, imagine my surprise when I read today that she came out of the closet!!!! She did an interview with TV Guide and you can read it by clicking this link.

I wish I could find a woman like this woman. Race isn't a factor. I'm looking for love. And today this woman captured my heart.
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