Friday, May 11, 2012

The Neo-Soul Type Black Lesbians

I would really like to meet some "neo-soul" type black lesbians. I'm fairly certain that no such type exist here in Atlanta (or elsewhere in the south) because we seem to only have five types of black women here (whether gay or straight): 

  1. Skank Ass Tattooed Down Hoodrats
  2. Fine Ass Tattooed Down Hoodrats
  3. Fat Ass Tattooed Down Hoodrats
  4. Average Homely Chicks
  5. Plain ol' regular/average looking black women (the difference between them and the homely chicks is they make an effort to fix themselves up)

I rarely run across the Neo-Soul type here and if I do she isn't usually from here. She is usually from up North somewhere. 

What is the Neo-Soul Type? For me the Neo-Soul type typically have the following characteristics:

  1. Natural hair.
  2. They are typical spiritual and soulful.
  3. Many tend to be feminist.
  4. They tend to be health conscious.
  5. They tend to be naturally beautiful or at least aware of their natural beauty.
  6. They're music reflects their style and mindset (they on some deeper shit). 
  7. They tend to be motherly or one would consider them good mother material. 

I suppose this list could go on and on.

Truthfully this is the type of black woman I find myself the most attracted to and that's because I find them so beautiful inside and out. I like them because they can seduce my mind, which for me is far better than someone who can only screw me physically. 

Anyway, if you're that type or you know someone who is that type EMAIL ME:
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