Thursday, May 10, 2012

Is This Chick Serious??? Don't Write Me With This Gawdamn Bullshit!

Yo today I was minding my own damn business when I received this email from a chick in the UK....

Hi LizIntellect:

I came across your page on the internet.
I am a very sexual woman - married - but have always wanted a lesbian relationship. I live in the UK and therefore not near you, but how can you help me with my love for women?  What should I do?  Any tips?

Thanks for your time...
This broad obviously doesn't read this blog because if she did she would know I hate bisexuals, confused chicks, experimental bitches or whatever you want to call them.

My reply to her: 

I can’t help you. If you’re married you should stick with your husband. You made a vow...see it through. Lesbianism isn’t something that you just turn on and turn off.

Her reply to me:

Thanks. You cant help, thats ok, but do not discourage me.  I want a lesbian experience and will proceed to find one.
All the best..

My reply to her (the picture below is what I'm thinking to myself):

I am fairly confident that one day I'm going to read a headline titled:  

Lesbian Kills Bisexual/Confused Experimental Lover Because The Bitch Played With Her Emotions!

This right here is why I don't fuck with bisexual and confused hoes. 

This trick is MARRIED and craving some pussy. Damn the lesbian's feelings. What the hell is her "experimental lover" supposed to do when she runs back to her HUSBAND? This broad is going to get someone hemmed the fuck up messing around with her trifling ass. But guess what? She probably doesn't give a damn about anyone but herself in this situation.

Confused hoes! I tell you...stay in your lane!
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