Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Property Manager

As many of you know I had a thing for the property manager of my apartment complex. I had a huge crush on the woman. She knew it. I went so far as to send her chocolate covered strawberries (which she later told me she gave to her staff...because she doesn't eat chocolate). To make a long story short she blew me off and I moved on. I don't think about her anymore. I put the whole situation out of my mind. It helps that I have other issues to think about.

Anyway, I noticed whenever I go into the rent office to pay my rent or call the rent office she is avoiding me or she is unavailable. 

Most people know when someone is going out of their way to avoid them. 

She was the only person in the rent office I did business with as it pertains to my issues with the apartment complex. This wasn't due only to my crush on her. In general I find her staff to be incompetent. So she was the only individual I wanted to do business with and she was ALWAYS available for me. Now whenever I call and ask specifically for her I have to go through a third party, who usually calls me back with her reply. When I go into the rent office she suddenly turns and leaves the area. 

And no....it's not just my imagination. It is plain to see she is avoiding me.

When I went into the rent office to pay my rent for May her behavior caught me so off guard. I started to ask her, "What is the problem?" 

It feels like I have cooties or something!

I'm trying hard not to get pissed off, but it really bothers me that I wasted my time, energy and money on this bitch. Like I said, I'm over her. Treat me with some dignity. Avoiding me is not called for in this situation. She rejected me and I got over it. We can still be civil to each other.

What do you think?

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