Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sex Therapy? I'm A Believer! Sometimes You Just Need Some Pussy!

Last night I broke one of my own casual sex. I fucked my friend...twice! I guess I should start from the beginning....

I've been feeling down lately because I have a lifelong disease (acid reflux) and I'm only 26 years old. My head has been really fucked up because I have to stay stress free, stop letting shit bother me, find some way to cope with tension, change my diet (I can no longer eat the foods I least not without moderation) and I have to be more of a health nut. When you think about it like that the shit is stressful in itself.

So anyway I've been cramped up in my apartment the entire week. Honestly I haven't left it since Monday. Friday night my friend calls me up and invites me out. I decline. An hour and a half later she's on my doorstep looking damn good in a tight fitting "club dress" (you know the type of dress black women wear to the club...the type that shows off their legs, ass and curves). I let her inside. One thing leads to a another. Next thing I know we are in my bed getting it in and then some.

About this friend:

I met this chick a few months ago. She'd just moved to my area from Detroit, Michigan. She is 27 years old, yellow bone, phat ass, nice breast and she looks a lot like Deelishis from Flavor of Love. I tell you no lie this woman could be her younger sister or something that's how much they look alike. If you saw her I'm sure you would fuck her too!

I like this friend, but I can't take her out of the "friend zone" because that's where she started with me. She likes to tease me about it because it's clear she doesn't want to be just my friend. However, once you get put in the "friend zone" you're pretty much stuck there....weird I know! I just hope she doesn't get caught up and end up getting hurt.

Anyway we fucked all night and we did it again the next morning. It did help me feel better. Pussy is a powerful thing. Sex really does work y'all...I'm a believer!
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