Sunday, April 8, 2012

Shot Down....I Think???

So I decided to be a little bit more proactive about the situation with my property manager. How? Well a little over a month ago I went on, which is a website where tenants can express their opinion about apartments and staff. I read through the comments about my apartment complex. It was just my luck that a lady posted a comment the day before in which she mentioned my property manager by name and expressed dissatisfaction about her "rudeness." I replied to the woman, using the opportunity to express my love for my property manager and defend her. In my mind my review was glowing and flattering. My property manager didn't quite feel that way (keep reading). 

About three weeks after I wrote the review I called the rent office to ask if they actually read the reviews. I only did this because my property manger never mentioned the review to me so I assumed she hadn't read it. 

The lady I spoke with is the assistant property manager. She informed me that they only read them when they receive a new review. They don't read replies to reviews. Long story short they hadn't read my comment/review because it was a reply to someone's review. I informed her that I wrote a reply to someone's review defending the property manager and suggested they tell the property manager about my review. I even joked that she might give me a discount on my rent for it. I think this was my first mistake because I probably should have personally told the property manager about my review.

Anyway, a week later I go to the office to pay my rent and see the property manager. I walk into her office and notice she is staring at me. I mean it was an intense stare that made me so nervous I dropped my keys. She looked at me and said, "You're in trouble." 

Me: (thinking to myself oh Jesus)

Me: So you read my review huh?

Her: Yes.

Me: (Nervously not staring her in face and shuffling around the papers I was carrying). Any thoughts?

Her: It was too personal.

Me: (Trying to figure out what she means by that...and if anyone reading my blog can tell me I would really appreciate it). 

Her: You wrote too much..."insert my name" wrote a book.

Me: (Still no comment).

Her: They called me at home to tell me.

Me: (Surprised). Your staff called you to read my review. I bet they had a good laugh at my expense.

Her: Yeah they called me. 

At that point it became clear that I had...well...possibly embarrassed her. 

Me: (Heart beating fast): Well it came straight from my heart. I wanted you to read it. I called up here and told them about it because I wanted you to read you think about my review?

Her: It was too personal.

Now I'm sitting here trying to figure out what she means by "Too Personal." Would it have been better if I came straight out and said, "Hey, I'm digging you baby!" I know my approach was so second grade (I'm sure we all remember those do you like maybe letters), but keep in mind I have NEVER...EVER been the one to approach and pursue. This was a HUGE step for me and now I'm trying to figure out if I was shot down or not!

Is this a situation where if I were not one of her tenets she would have been more forthcoming? Is this her way of saying, "I'm not interested?" Somebody tell me something....

What are your thoughts? If you were her how would you feel?

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