Monday, April 2, 2012

Phat Asses & Pretty Faces: Yet Another Issue I Have With Black Males

I honestly feel sorry for REALLY beautiful on-point "got their ish together" black women. I mean I truly feel sorry for these women. Why? Because almost from day one of their lives they find themselves the preys of thirsty ass disrespectful "don't know how to talk to a lady" niggas. 

A few days ago I walked into the Publix up the street from my apartment complex. Just as I was walking into the door a BEAUTIFUL black woman with the most amazing ass walked by. Her ass literally caught my attention upon entering the grocery store. This chick had the slimmest waist, the prettiest face and the phattiest ass I've seen on a black woman (who is not obese) in a long time. Naturally I did a doubletake. Unfortunately I wasn't the only one. 

The poor woman found herself in bird's eye view of several thirsty ass disrespectful black men. I watched (helplessly) as she was approached by one black male after another. She politely told each one of them "No" only to be met with either a noticeable frown or a mumbled "bitch." All I could do was shake my damn head. I wondered if I approached her respectfully would she respond to me.

When I was with my ex-girlfriend this type of thing always gave me anxiety because I used to see the way black men looked at her. Even though it was clear that we were together these niggas would walk up and approach her anyway. At that point I would either intervene or she would reach for my hand just so these motherfuckers would get the point. Still they pursued her like a snake would pursue a rat and each time it was my job, as her girlfriend, to intervene. Well, I'm quite sure other lesbians, who have been in this position can relate when I say this was frustrating, annoying and at times threatening (facing homophobia is always threatening but there is something sinister about it when two women find themselves threatened by a male). 

As a result I think my hatred for black males grew (yes, folks the shit didn't just fall out of thin air). I mean I have never seen a group of men so proudly disrespect women like these men. Instead of approaching a woman like a gentleman these niggas approach women (read: black women) like they are their women for the taking. It is disgusting and I truly feel sorry for black women who find themselves on the receiving end of this mess.  I believe this is why some black women simply let themselves go. When they are fat as hell niggas aren't disrespecting them on the street. Having a phat ass and pretty face can be a curse and a burden. 
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