Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Success Means Nothing Without Someone To Share It With

I know the title of this article might seem cliche but it is true. Success means nothing if you don't have someone in your life to share it with. Right now I am laying in my brand new bed in my new apartment alone. I am typing this blog on my Kindle.

As much as I talk about money on this blog I am not actually broke...at least not on paper (I own a few stocks). I do not have much to complain about right now but I am lonely as hell. It would be nice to have someone next to me in this brand new bed. It would benice to have someone to cook for me, discuss current affairs with (one of my hobbies) and dream about a future together. I think this is the piece of the puzzle missing from my life. It is also the hardest piece to find.

Sometimes I truly wonder why the hell straight black people do not want to get married. Then I think to myself these folks do want to get married but no one wants to marry them. 

How did I come to that conclusion? 

My belief is that straight black people, like many of their black lesbian counterparts, shoot themselves in the foot early on by having kids out of wedlock, getting fat as hell,  not seeking any type of higher education to better themselves and just being unattractive as hell for anyone considering the possibility of marriage. 

No one wants a spouse already coming to the table with baggage and this describes most black men and women over the age of 25.

Those of us who do not fit into any of these stereoypes find ourselves assed out because this group of peple is the majority of young black folks walking around today. It i the sad truth. Poor parenting from the generation before us has fucked my generation up beyond repair. 

It is depressing as hell. I have to accept the fact that I probably won't find my ideal black lesbian. My ideal black lesbian being someone who is not fat a hell, feminine, doesn't have any children, rocks her own hair, is educated and has some goals in life. This type of black woman is rare even amongst straight black women. She is damn near non existent amongst black lesbians.

I am going to find myself a non-black woman and just try to be happy.
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