Sunday, February 12, 2012

This Shit Hurts My Heart: Whitney Houston

By now I am sure you've heard Whitney Houston passed away. When I read the news last night on the Internet I broke down crying. I think this one hit me harder than Michael Jackson's death. I don't think any of us saw this one coming. I am so sad right now. I loved Whitney. She did for black girls what I suspect someone like Michael Jordan did for black boys. She made us all proud to be black and female.

For years Whitney was the ONE with the voice. While Madonna and them were shaking their half naked asses to compensate for lack of actual talent Whitney was using her gift (her voice)to advance her career.

I loved her. She was the one and only black female celebrity that I had a crush on as a young child. I used to watch The Bodyguard over and over again. I thought she was the most amazing woman ever. I was in love with her. Even at age seven I knew I was in love with her.

Whitney, like many black women with money and success, made one major mistake: she took up with a black man.

I have said it before and I will say it women who have something going for themselves need to avoid black men like the plague. They only bring pain and suffering to the lives of black women. They corrupt just about everything they touch. I honestly believe black men are cursed and as long as black women insist on staying attached to them they will be cursed right along with them.

Whitney was a lovely girl who could have had her pick of men but she chose a shipwreck. I hold her responsible for that irresponsible choice but Bobby Brown is a straight up nigga. He got her hook on drugs. We know this because she was normal and healthy before she got involved with his ass. Now the media is reporting that he is having crying fits. Burn in hell nigga and fuck you!

While this may not be appropriate it should serve as a teachable moment for every black woman with something going for herself. Do not settle for less. Do not let members of your family or friends try to bully you into "keeping it black." Find yourself a man who is not on the bullshit and is about his business. Leave dumbass good for nothing black men the hell alone. Don't not date them. Do not marry them. And most importantly of all do not procreate with them. Despite the lies these niggas spout black women are beautiful and wanted. Get your passport and stop tying yourselves down to a group of shipwrecks. Most of your problems come from dealing with black men. Throw them under the bus and keep it moving.

R.I.P Whitney Houston. This fan will always love you (pun intended).
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