Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's 2012 Which Means It's Time To Get It!

It's the first day of 2012 and this is the year I've decided to stop making excuses. I'm a writer. I've always known writing was my calling. In the past graduate school was my excuse for not writing my bestselling novel. Well those excuses are out the window now. Even though I still have issues I'm starting to believe that's life! I will never again have a clear mind. That shit ceased when I hit adulthood and found myself fending for myself. Now I'm on my own and I have to make the best of it.

My future...

If you've followed this blog from the beginning you should know my goal was to write, produce and direct a black lesbian web series. Well that didn't exactly work out because I kept getting sidetracked. Now I'm getting back down to business. However, I'm taking a different approach. You all know I work in a library and librarianship is my career of choice. I've been following the rise of e-books for some time. I believe e-books are the wave of future. Hard copy books are not going anywhere. Unlike CDs, which were replaced by MP3 etc., the same thing is not going to happen to books. Overall I believe most people still perfer to hold books and flip pages. I am one of those people. Still I see the mass appeal of e-books. I also see the potential e-books present for people like me who desire to publish our own work.

I am going to publish my black lesbian series as e-books. Each story will cost .99 cent. The e-books will be available on this blog, Amazon, the kindle, the nook, and the Ipad!

About the series...

My black lesbian series was inspired in large part by the reality that I cannot find quality black lesbian fiction. All the ish I run across usually is erotica. Romance, love, committment...all of those things are usually missing. If by chance these things are present the writing usually sucks. These books typically focus on sex and they make lesbianism look like a fetish. We, lesbians, have feelings too. I plan to capture those feeling on paper.

Because I was pratically raised on soap operas (thank you grandma) the books will run as a series. My characters will be well developed and educated. They will be what I want to read. No stereotypes. No hood fiction. Simply love, romance, cheating, lying, stealing, abuse...but with educated flawed individuals. My lesbian character will also represent the black women I would love to date.

A friend told me I could get mad pussy by seducing women with my writing. At the time I chuckled when she said that, but she might have been onto something. Women look at me differently when they know I'm capable of writing something they long for someone to whisper in their ear. As flattering as that sounds, I'm doing it first and foremost because this is what I love to do. Second, I want to read some quality black lesbian fiction. And third because I want to be a PAID writer. I need loot just like the next chick.

So keep checking this blog for some updates. I'm going to take a step back to work on this project. Hopefully next time I post it will be an update on my progress.
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