Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kudos To White Women: Y'all Know How To Recognize Dumbass Niggas When You See Them!

Don't know how I missed this story, but in 2006 legendary singer Lou Rawls died of cancer. I'm not a Lou Rawls fan, but he did make some good songs. When he died I was still in college and because I'm not a fan I didn't follow the family drama that erupted after his death. 

A few years before he died, Lou Rawls met and married Nina, the lady in the above picture. The two of them met on an airplane where she was a flight attendant. They married shortly AFTER Lou Rawls found out he had cancer. Somehow or the other this woman managed to convince Lou Rawls old ass to adopt a child (see the picture above). Needless to say this didn't sit well with SOME of Lou Rawls' children. His daughter, Louanna Rawls, who is clearly the product of the swirl, became the most vocal of the group....

By all accounts Louanna tried to convince her father not to marry Nina or adopt the child. I'm guessing shit must have hit the fan shortly before Lou Rawls died because Nina left this voicemail on Louanna's phone...

Click this LINK.

If you're like me chances are your mouth was hanging wide open as you listened to Nina's voicemail. The woman admitted she was on some gold digging nonsense. She told Louanna that she was taking it all and everything was in her name. She called Lou Rawls a dumbass and said he shouldn't have married her. If I were Lou Rawls' daughter I would be mad at my father and the gold digging trick!

Black men think with their dicks. It doesn't matter if they are rich or poor. In general they lack common sense when it comes to sex and non-black women. And no I'm not against interracial relationships of any kind. I don't have a dog in this fight. Black men don't mean a damn thing to me because they are not in my dating pool. I'm simply calling a spade a spade. When it comes to non-black pussy black men are the stupidest people on the face of the planet. 

Successful black men will ask a black woman for a prenup with lighting speed, but they have a completely different standard for non-black women. They will call black women who expect a black MAN to provide and protect a gold digger quick. These same men will excuse a non-black woman for having the SAME standards because that's part of their culture (i.e., the men protect and provide). 

Black men know they cannot half step with non-black women because those women come from a culture that promotes men having their shit together. He has to be on top of his game and bringing in enough money to support her and their family. The same doesn't appear to be true for black American culture. In black American culture if a black man simply has a job and doesn't hold a criminal record he is regarded as a "good" black black men. Mind you this man can have a G.E.D., a fucked up anti-social personality and be physically unattractive, but because he achieved what other races of men just do (i.e., get/keep a job and no criminal record) he considers himself a "good" catch.

Most black women know this double standard is a way for black men to save their egos/pride/manhood because most of them are NOT successful beyond the bare minimum. Black men know they aren't in a position to attract gold diggers. The average black man in this country makes 35k a year or less. Instead of admitting this fact they try to shame black women for expecting them to BE successful beyond the bare minimum. They try to shame black women for expecting them to have a college education and a job that can support an entire family (in this world that's about 50k a year or more). For this expectation black women get the gold digger label.

I'm sure you're heard comments from broke niggas accusing black women of being gold diggers. I mean really...what kind of gold are black women hoping to discover from the poorest group of men on the face of the planet???

Like I said, black men call black women gold diggers in an effort to save face.

Because of their double standards REAL successful black men are easy prey for WHITE women. If I were a pretty young white woman looking for a come up I would target rich black men. All you have to do is give them some pussy and pop out 2.5 kids. At that point you're set for life! After the last child comes along divorce his ass and take the kids, the house, the dog and the loot with you back to your community! Marry yourself a white man and live happily ever after on your black ex-husband's dime.

I honestly believe the black community would be in better shape if BLACK WOMEN were the millionaire rappers, athletes and entertainers. Why? Because the money would stay in the black community if black women controlled it. Black women are the primary caregivers of black children. Our resources are likely to go to those children. Our resources will trickle down to our children, and not a completely different community if divorce occurs. If we divorce we still keep our resources and possibly some of his. Divorce doesn't financially damage women the same way it does men. In short, black female millionaires are far more likely to keep their resources "black" than black men. 

Just think about it. Look at O.J. Simpson. Here is a black man that married a black woman and had three children with her (one drowned in the family swimming pool). For years this woman criss-crossed the country with him while he was a professional athlete. She supported his ventures and his career....

Here is a picture of their family....

OJ Simpson threw Marguerite and their family straight under the bus for Nicole, who was a teenager when they met. From what I've read, OJ Simpson and Marguerite had a bitter divorce. She had to practically beg for alimony and child support. Meanwhile, OJ bought Nicole's family a fucking car dealership! He sent Nicole's sister to community college. He helped get Nicole's piss poor family out of poverty. Now just think of the mental damage this shit probably had on his kids with Marguerite! Their father had no issue at all ditching them and their mother while financially supporting Nicole and her family.

When things hit the fan and OJ was accused of killing Nicole her family threw OJ's ass straight under the bus. Nicole's sister, the one he sent to community college, wasted no time calling OJ's stupid ass evil, a cheater, a wife beater etc.

While he was on trial, Marguerite DEFENDED OJ. She said he never raised a hand to her. In every interview she did Marguerite defended OJ. 

After the trial was over OJ moved to Florida and became a pariah. His old white friends ceased being his friends. They turned their backs on him. Everyone except OJ knew he was the most hated black man on the face of the planet.

Shortly before he was set up and sent to prison OJ and his oldest daughter, Arnelle (pictured above) got into a physically altercation. Arnelle was pissed off with OJ and his coke head white girlfriend, who was blowing money like there was no tomorrow while her mother, Marguerite, was working at Wal-Mart. 

Arnelle snapped and rightly so! 

This is a young woman that watched helplessly as her father abandoned her mother for a white woman. She watched as he treated her trashy family like gold. She watched as those same people turned their back on him and walked away with the resources OJ GAVE THEM. She watched as her mother struggled financially while OJ jumped from one gold digging white hoe to the next. She watched as said gold digging white hoes threw OJ under the bus when he hit rock bottom (the last of which I saw on Good Morning America trying to sell a book in which she details the abuse she supposedly suffered from OJ). 

This story has a happy ending. Supposedly Arnelle has been collecting OJ's $20,000 a month pension check. There was a report some time ago that his house in Florida was under foreclosure because Arnelle stopped paying the mortgage. Arnelle probably said the hell with OJ and his house. She's probably using OJ's money to take care of her mother! There is no way in hell my mama would be working at Wal-Mart if I were getting $20,000 a month. This is compensation for that family's pain and suffering. OJ's inability to control his dick caused them enough grief to last a lifetime. This whole ordeal never would have happened if Marguerite was the individual holding the loot.

Anyway, I just thought this Lou Rawls' situation was incredibly sad, but I don't personally feel sorry for Lou Rawls or his descendants. He got caught up with the pussy and they, his children, paid the price.

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