Friday, July 20, 2012

PLEASE READ: Three Ways To Overcome Penis Envy!

3 Ways To Overcome Penis Envy

Seven years ago, when I was just an arrogant 20 year old college student, I began working on a story about a man married to three women at the same time (no it's not inspired by that movie starring Halle Berry and company). At the time I envisioned a story about three women who befriend each other after finding out about each other. Soon after the man, a rich millionaire, goes missing...thanks to the three women. The story I had in mind resembled something like this.....



Except this isn't a case of a rapist being tortured. Instead it's a story about three pissed off wives teaming up and teaching a cheating dog a lesson.

The three women get together, find the bastard, and fuck him up. They torture his ass. This is especially true for the first wife. She let's him have it! There is only one problem with this story....

I didn't get this far in writing it.

It's completely written in my head, but I stopped working on the story because as a 20 year and NOW as a 27 year old I consider it TRASH....a sub-par representation of what I can REALLY write. This is that TRASHY fiction I hate writing now because I have grown as an individual. I have experienced a great deal of personal growth. I understand the world better as a 27 year old than I did as a 20 year old. Not to mention my character development and plot/ideas are far more superior now than they were 7 years ago.

Today I was looking through some files on my computer when I ran across that story. I can barely read it without cringing. The draft I have is a VERY VERY VERY ROUGH FIRST DRAFT.

It is typo ridden.
The grammar is horrible.
The actual formatting is terrible.

Still, I can't help but wonder if people would find this story interesting. With that said I am posting a link to Penis Envy on this blog. I would like YOU, the readers of this blog, to read that story and tell me if it's something worth finishing.

And you can be honest. You won't hurt my feelings. I'm my biggest critic anyway.

The title of the story is Three Ways To Overcome Penis Envy and here is the LINK.

P.S. I hope the watermark isn't too much of a distraction. Trash or not, I believe in protecting my work.

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