Friday, July 20, 2012

Black Lesbians In Atlanta Leave Much To Be Desired

Black lesbians in Atlanta leave much to be desired. Their short-comings are so vast and so overwhelming it's not even funny. It is annoying as fuck because MOST of the black people I run across are NOT from Atlanta. Usually they relocated to Atlanta from some other state. Given this realization one is left to wonder if black lesbians in general are fucked up?

I desire to meet and befriend other classy attractive childless educated feminine black lesbians in Atlanta. I don't know where the hell this group of women is but I sure as hell don't run across them in my everyday life.  Are they invisible??? Where do they socialize???

I run across black lesbians that fit into the following categories:
  1. Hoodrats
  2. Uneducated chicks (both studs and fems) with excessive baggage
  3. Fat/obese hoodrats
  4. Fat/obese uneducated studs
  5. Fat/obese uneducated single mothers (who often double as hoodrats)
  6. In shape single mothers who nobody in their right mind would seek to befriend because of their baggage.
  7. Confused chicks/bisexuals (who are also often fat/obese hoodrats)
  8. Ugly ass weird looking studs
  9. Unhinged/crazy bitches traumatized by something from their past.
I think you get the picture. The most stereotypical black lesbians can be found right here in Atlanta and I feel like an oddball! I cannot relate to these people. The image they portray (straight hood) and their overall ignorance is a TURN OFF. 

I want to meet some black lesbians that READ! I want to meet some black lesbians that are educated, seeking an education and can carry an intelligent stimulating conversation. I'm so thirsty for women like this (friendship only) that I give my number to random strangers I've met either through this blog or through my STRAIGHT friends.

I know there are several people from the ATLANTA area that read this blog. I know this because I can see where you're coming from on my blog feeds. If you have any suggestions as to where I can meet some CLASSY, EDUCATED, CHILDLESS FEMININE BLACK LESBIANS drop me a comment or EMAIL me.

Curious minds want to know: Where the hell are these women???
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