Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Life At The Moment...

I know I haven't blogged in a few weeks but here is a break down of what has changed in my life:

1). I found out my property manager, the one I'm in love with, is in fact GAY!

2). I started a new full-time job.

3). I got cable! (Moving on up!)

4). I was in a car accident and collected a check.

5). I'm officially done with Pretty Little Liars. I hate that bullshit show now that they have killed off the one reason I had for watching (Bianca Lawson).

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Listen Motherfuckers...If you Have An Issue With My Opinion Bypass My Blog

I get tired of these niggas coming to my blog and ranting about my opinion. You morons have the option of not reading what you do not like. I am not going to stop typing my thoughts just because your ass might be reading.

Generally speaking I am a hater. I have fucking issues. I vent and rant. I am first class unapologetic asshole!

I hate modern day black men. For the most part I hate modern day black women too. I hate bisexuals. I hate black single mothers. I hate niggas, bitches and hoes with equal disdain. I hate hoodrats. Gay black men in general disgust me.

I do alot of hating but I am also a great lover. I give props to those who deserve it (ex. the black gay guy who I said would father my children).

I am honest about all of the above.

This idea that I cannot stereotype because I am black and gay needs to die. I see shit. I experience shit. I am going to write about that shit and then some. If you have a problem with it this blog simply is not for you.

While I do have a soft loving general I rant my frustrations with life, love, women and society on this blog. If that shit is too much for you do not subscribe or keep reading.  I am not begging anyone to read my shit.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Desire To Meet Other Young Black Lesbian Professionals

I would really like to meet other young black lesbian professionals in the Atlanta area who are not fat as hell and do not have children. Do such a thing even exist?

Let me define professionals for the slow people. In my world a professional is someone with a career...not a job. They typically hold a Master's degree or higher. These people typically make between 45k and 60k. They are typically well informed and articulate. For me a young professional is between the ages 24 and 32.

These are the people I desire to meet. If you know anyone that fits the above criteria send them my way. Email me. I want to start a social club for young black lesbians like myself who desire to meet other qualitty black women in our age range. Again no fat chicks or babymamas.
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