Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ass Cracks & Assholes

Working in the public sector has it's downside. Already I've made up my mind to pursue academic librarianship rather than public librarianship. Why? Because of all the trifling, sloppy, illiterate niggas we have in Atlanta. As a library assistant I see a lof of bullshit. Because I am a jack of all trades I work the circulation desk and the reference desk whenever necessary (note: I do a whole lot more than this but these are my primary duties). I've had hoodrats come up to the reference desk and ask, "Y'all got that Diary of a Hooker"?

Me (Dumbfounded): What?
Her: Dairy of a Hooker. Y'all Got it?

Me (thinking to myself): What the hell is diary of a hooker?

Me to her: Is that a book?

Her: Yeah!

Then we have those who come into the library just because they don't have anything else to do. I mean these folks come into the library from straight off the street. These bitches usually have mental issues. Some of them come in swinging at the air, talking to themselves, walking furiously from one end of the library to the next for no particular reason, and they sit in the library ALL DAY...from open to close. 

Then we have those who come into the library, sit down at a computer, and let their ass cracks hang out. Literally...their ass cracks are usually showing. And it's not just women doing the's men too. I sit and stare at assholes because niggas don't care how the hell they look when walking out the house. The ish is sad. 

Then we have those who come into the library and want to be assholes. They just want to argue, fuss, and fight with you because they are having a bad day. These are the people who come in to check out a book only to find their library cards are blocked because they decided to keep the library's property or they haven't paid their fines. Some librarians will forgive certain fines...I won't do that ish because I feel grown folks need to be held responsible for their actions. When facing me these folks come into the library pissed and they usually leave the library pissed. I don't kiss anyone's ass. 
Black people don't read. I'm now more certain of that than ever before because it's my business to observe what people read. The few black people that read quality material are usually old (later forties and up). The others either don't read or they read the stereotypical hood fiction. I had a patron get mad at me because I said I can't read what I can't relate to in my life. Hood fiction doesn't fit the bill for me. That man had a fit. For some reason he, like a typical nigga, believes his experience (i.e., the hood life) is the only kind of life black people live. The idea that we are not monolithic goes over his head. 
Anyway those are my thoughts for the day. Peace and Happy New Years!
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