Saturday, December 24, 2011

I Just Need To Accept Facts: Black Women Don't Do It For me

I love black women...I really do, but I think at this point I need to accept the fact that black women don't move non-black women.

I'm not attracted to most of black women I run across in Atlanta (which is supposedly the black if I find black women here unacceptable it's safe to say I generally find black women unacceptable period). Some might say I'm brainwashed but I don't find most black women I run across physically appealing. Most here are either overweight, tattooed down, walking around with multiple color weave in their hair or they generally look a mess. Femininity is just shot to hell. Too many here don't know what it is to act like a lady. Even if I were to overlook all of the above there is still the issue of the bastard kids black women usually come to the table with.

It is heartbreaking!

I wonder if I'm the only person that feels this way. I feel guilty about it because I'm a black woman, but I can't deny what I feel.  I'm not physically or sexually attracted to the majority of black women I run across.

Today it dawned on me that my ideal woman is a tan or chocolate covered white woman. I want Clair Huxtable. I want an educated black woman that looks and carries herself like a sophisticated white woman. When I say looks like a white woman I mean slim, in shape, and not ghetto as hell.  I want Saana Lathan...not Keyshia Cole. 

Damn life is depressing right now. It hurts my soul to feel this way but I can't help it.
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