Monday, December 12, 2011

Why The Hell Are Her Kids Calling You Daddy?

I try to avoid websites that are heavily populated by black people. It doesn’t matter if those people are gay or straight—if there is a huge population of black people on a website I avoid it like my life depends on it. 

Downelink is one of those sites. 

I’m certain some white people got together and thought it was a good idea to put together a social network dedicated to the gay community. It looks cheap and it has quite a few bugs. 

When I first learned of the site I joined it. However I became displeased when I realized the site is home to half-naked desperate boards, ugly chicks, fat chicks, single mothers, lonely chicks looking for love while proclaiming they're tired of men, walking/talking stereotypes and studs (many of which have kids themselves). Needless to say I got the hell off downelink quick. 

Though I’m not completely sure about this, it also seemed that the site was overwhelmingly black. I remember thinking, “Damn where are all the White and Asian people?”

After I left the site I didn’t think about it again until two days ago. I wanted to read some blogs by lesbians and I remember the site had a blog feature where people could blog their thoughts. Once again I created an account. I ran across a few blogs that were mostly bullshit by people who don’t even bother writing correct English (annoying as hell). After running into more than a few blogs like this I was about to delete the account. Before I could do so I ran across a blog by a stud that struck a nerve.

In the blog the stud was bitching about her ex not allowing her to see “their” kids. The stud went into a rant about how kids need their “daddy.” She mentioned that’s what the kids called her.  She said she provided for them for three years before she and their mother broke up. Someone in the comment section asked if the kids were their kids together or were the kids already in the picture when the stud entered the picture. The stud replied that they are her ex-girlfriend’s kids but that she considers them her kids. My reaction was “What the fuck is this chick smoking?”

I admit there are some things I don’t understand about gay and lesbian people. This might just be one of those things. I don’t understand how this retarded stud feels comfortable raising some other chick’s kids and having them call her daddy. That shit is sickening. I imagine this must come from lesbians who didn’t grow up with their father because I simply cannot imagine any future children of mine calling me some shit that I call my father (a man). In my mind it's disrespectful to all the men out here who are fathers to their children. I’m going to be my children's mother.  They will have two mothers. That is the proper title of women. How and why some lesbians insist that their children call them “daddy” is beyond me. It flies right over my head. Some might think it’s just a title but can you imagine how fucked up those kids might possibly grow up to be...especially the boys who need to know they are expected to grow up to be men and fathers to their own children one day? They might grow to see themselves as expendable, replaceable, and not needed by women and children.

Then there is the issue of this idiot taking on the responsibility/loving some kids that were already in the picture when she met their mother. This crazy stud was actually boo-hooing about her ex removing HER kids from her (the stud) life! How fucked up is that? How fucking crazy was she to provide for the bitch's kids. The chick was probably only using her to provide for her and the kids. Like really….did you think mom was going to allow whatever relationship you had with her kids to continue though your relationship with her (which ended badly) is over? She set herself up for heartache by even dating a woman with kids and getting close to them.

I posted a comment on the stud’s blog basically saying, “Snap the hell out of it. You dodged a bullet. Count your blessing and for now on avoid single mothers. Their kids are exactly that…their kids. You’re a fool for financially and emotionally supporting some kids that don’t belong to you. Give the bitch and her kids the deuces. Move on and don’t look back.”

Call me cold, but no one can ever say I’m not honest!

P.S. God I love my Dana!

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