Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm So Happy Because I Have A New Toy!

Today I purchased something I believe will change my life. I am a writer. In my heart that's what I believe I’m destined to do. However as I age and as my worries grow I find it increasingly hard to sit and just write. My brain is scattered and I find it so hard to focus at times. There is so much on my brain. This also prevents me from getting a good night's sleep. 

I’m worried about money, my job, student loans, and my housing situation. With all that on my mind it’s very hard to sit and dream and come up with great fiction.

What did I purchase?

Today I purchased an AlphaSmart Dana and I’m loving it! I’m on it right now typing this blog. What the hell is an Alphasmart Dana? It’s a word processor that sits in your lap. See the picture up above.

Because I am so easily distracted and annoyed by little things offered by computers I decided to search for a word processor. I searched and searched and discovered they simply don’t make old school word processors like that the one my mother used to own. Netbooks, Laptops, and regular desktop computers have replaced them. It sucks because there are still people out here who like the convenience of a plain word processor that’s not a computer but not a traditional old school typewriter either.

Well anyway after doing some research I came across the AlphaSmart Dana. It was love at first sight. One thing that wasn’t love at first sight: The price. AlphaSmart offers two products: The Neo2, which is similar to the Dana but with a much smaller screen. The screen size and lack of a backlit made me decide against the Neo2. The price of the Dana, as offered by the company, made me balk. It cost $350.00 on the company’s website. 

I did some searching and found some Danas on Amazon and EBay. I purchased one for $47 and some change from a seller in the Atlanta area. I picked up from him today. As I write this I have noticed one flaw with my Dana. While the interface, screen, and keyboard are flawless (literally looks brand new) and while I have no problem using my Dana, I have noticed the battery doesn’t seem to hold a charge. The previous owner didn’t tell me about that little problem. He told me to let it charge for a few hours (which I did…it stayed on the charger for almost 5 hours). So I will be investing in some batteries. Even still…I’m very pleased with my new toy. I will send this text to my computer and forward it to my blog (one of the many cool features this gadget offers).

**Update: I bought some batteries from a drugstore so everything is now working fine.
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