Sunday, December 4, 2011

What A Woman! My Love For Dorothy Dandridge

I've always been prone to celebrity crushes. As a child I was in love with Whitney Houston, Pebbles, and T-Boz from the R&B group TLC. However, none of these women gripped my heart the way Dorothy Dandridge did (and still does). 

I first set eyes on Dorothy Dandridge when I was about 13 years old and right away I was smitten. It was literally love at first sight. Never before had I seen a black woman so glamorous and so beautiful. The closest thing to Dorothy Dandridge was probably Lena Horne, who despite being beautiful, didn't quite appeal to me as much as Dorothy did. Why? Because--well--Lena reminded me too much of a white woman. Dorothy with her rich light brown skin, sexy curves, voice, and charisma reminded me of a black woman. In fact, in my eyes, she was everything a black woman SHOULD be: Feminine, classy, sultry, charming, and venerable. 

I was so taken by her beauty that I found myself doing extensive research on her. I read everything I could find on Dorothy Dandridge. I discovered that she was a child performer and that she married some sorry ass nigga named Harold Nicholas, who was also a child star. Dorothy lived in that marriage alone. Harold, the little worthless bastard (punk only stood 5'2''), stayed cheating on her. He left her alone to deal with their mentally retarded daughter, Lynn. He wasn't there for her emotionally. He preferred to stay his sorry ass out on the golf course while his wife needed him. This is yet another problem I have with black men. They ruin damn near every GOOD thing they touch.  Almost every beautiful black woman who has ever found herself hit rock bottom was more than likely driven there by a black man. This is a good example of a GREAT beautiful black woman that was RUINED by a worthless, whorish, self-centered nigga. Beautiful, successful, black women need to avoid black men period because 9 times out of 10 their stories end up being tragic.

Anyway, Dorothy--at some point--got some sense and divorced Harold's ass. For a while she had a successful career but she was always hurting inside because of her daughter's condition and because she wanted so badly to be loved, taken care of, and appreciated by a man. She jumped from one  bad relationship to another (at this point usually with white men, who were more readily available to her than successful black men). Eventually she remarried but like her first marriage, she picked the wrong damn man to love. Her second husband, a white man, beat her, ran through her money, and left her feeling demoralized. She divorced him, but it was far too late. Her money was gone, her career was on the rocks, and she suffered from deep depression. She eventually had a nervous breakdown.

Towards the end of her life she was trying to make a comeback. Everything was set for her comeback, but then tragedy struck. She was found dead in her apartment by her manager. Some say it was suicide while others say it was an accidental overdose. I don't think we will ever know.

What I loved most about Dorothy was her sensitivity and venerability. By all accounts she was a recluse. She preferred to stay at home rather than party like Harold. She wanted to be a housewife with a loving husband and family. She was easily driven to tears and heartache. This on top of her beauty made her the perfect woman in my eyes. 

There are some women that make me want to hold them and love them. Dorothy Dandridge is one of those women. Every time I think about that little bastard Harold Nicholas and the white bitch ass second husband that beat her, I get upset. Some people just don't know what a good thing they have. I would give my life to be with a woman like Dorothy Dandridge. She's the type of black woman I'm searching for but I'm beginning to see she was one of a kind. Black women aren't coming like her today. She had class...a real stunner. Man I love her!

Had she lived Dorothy Dandridge would be old enough to be my grandmother. I don't care. I love her anyway. I love everything about her. I just wish she had found some happiness in her life. She was dealt a poor hand of cards in life. Sometimes that type of thing is hard to overcome...
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