Friday, November 11, 2011

Your Child Is Suicidal Because You Suck As A Parent

This blog is dedicated to the woman who wrote this blog HERE.

This particular blogger likes to selectively post comments on her blog (the essence of a coward, anyone that can't defend their position has no business starting a blog) so I'm posting my response to her here on my blog.

For those of you wondering, yes I'm back in action despite my so-called exit from the blog world. I will continue to post regularly for now on. This won't be the only post I dedicate to this blogger because there is so much wrong with her way of thinking it's not even funny. But on to my post...

I'm not sure how I landed on this woman's blog, but it happened sometime last night as I was browsing the internet. I ended up on a post in which the author wrote about her son considering suicide. She blames her kid's depression and suicidal thoughts on his teachers and peers...similar to what we see with white people whenever something goes wrong with their homicidal/suicidal maniacs. This woman claims to be a lesbian (this from her blog description), but given that she is a BLACK lesbian we can pretty much conclude she conceived her child the old-fashioned way with a man. I will come back to this point later.

While I don't have an issue with most of this woman's blog I did take issue with the following:
"People with opinions like this teacher contribute to our black boys growing up with little/no self-esteem, killing each other instead of loving each other, brainwashing them into believing that the only career choice is to be “entertainment monkeys” with no education, boys wanting to become men before their time, and children being suicidal, attempting it, and achieving"

My issues with this comment:
  1. She completely scapegoats teachers (though I agree this particular teacher is wrong for his comments) for the failure of black boys. This is typical of black parents looking to dodge their complete and total failure to properly raise their children which includes instilling a healthy level of self-worth.
  2. Her use of the pronoun "our" as in "our black boys." Last time I checked it takes only TWO people to make a baby...we, society, had nothing to do with that shit so it's not "our" problem as these black boys are not "ours." However, when the time comes they will make excellent slave labor for this country's booming prison industrial complex because someone, their parents, tried to pass the buck.
  3. When questioned as to the whereabouts of her son's father she didn't respond or post my comments asking this question. In fact she only allowed ONE of my comments to post: 
"No offense but what you wrote here is B.S. It's not the job of teachers to build YOUR child's self-esteem, self-esteem etc. That is YOUR job as the parent. The reasons YOUR black boys are failing (not this is no one's problem except THEIR PARENTS) is because 1). Black women keep bringing them into this world with deadbeats and expecting said deadbeats to suddenly wake up and be responsible fathers. 2). Because these young boys have no foundation or networks to look to for support. Black women are useless in this department because a woman can't raise a boy into a man. 3). Because PARENTS want to blame everything and everyone for their child's failure except themselves (similar to what you did in the comment I quoted). That sums up the plight of YOUR black boys."      
Instead of addressing the points in my comment she did what black women--whether straight or gay--do when faced with truth--attack, bring God into the picture (wonder where this God of hers was when she was spread-eagle), and deflect.

It is on parents to teach their children to love themselves. Black women need to admit to themselves what society already knows. They simply cannot raise black boys into men. It has been proven over and over again. While I understand that this woman is supposedly a lesbian, as already stated more than likely she conceived her child the old-fashioned way. Where is the man who helped her conceive her son? Was he productive when she laid her ass down with him? Why isn't he around now? These are questions that even "lesbians" need to be honest about.

If you laid your ass down with a man and somewhere down the line decided to call yourself a lesbian own up to it. If your child was conceived the old-fashioned way or if you're thinking of conceiving your child the old-fashioned way be sure to pick a quality man.....If you are a chick who laid down with the dick you have a RESPONSIBILITY to yourself and your potential child to conceive with a productive individual.

As many of you should know by now I support strong families. Two women simply cannot compensate for a father. When/if I decide to bring children into this world "he" will be in the picture along with my partner. While our family may not be traditional, FATHERS are too important not to miss.

This woman is too blind to realize the holes in both her religion (rolls eyes) and her brain.

To be continued....
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