Friday, April 22, 2011

REAL Black Lesbians Are Popping Out Kids Too...SMH

I briefly dated a chick in college. I liked her, but we were on two different wavelengths at that moment in time. She was getting ready to graduate and go to graduate school while I was just a sophomore struggling with growing pains. 

This particular black woman had everything going for her. She was smart, good-looking, and charming. This woman was the wife type and if I had been just a little bit more mature at the time I would have snatched her up and never let her go. Needless to say we ended up going our separate ways. She went off to graduate school, got her Masters degree, and moved back home. I completed college and went on about my life.

I recently ran into her and found out she now has a kid!

This woman is only twenty-six years old. She is a "real" lesbian, which is the only type I will even give the time of day. So you can imagine my surprise when I found out she'd popped out a kid. How did she conceive her daughter? She laid down with a man in order to get pregnant. She doesn't have a girlfriend so she made this decision independent of anyone else. She made the decision to become a single mother. 

When I heard this my surprise turned into disgust. Here I am actively searching for a BLACK lesbian to build a life with who has all the things I desire in a woman and this woman who has everything I'm looking for, who would be perfect for me, has a child that she decided to bring into the world alone! She doesn't even realize that her stock has dropped dramatically thanks to that life changing decision. I understand a woman's natural need to be a mother, but why must black women--both gay and straight--pop out kids without even considering the consequences? Why do this crap alone when you can just as easily find a suitable mate?

I want children one day. I want children with my partner one day. I want a real two-parent household. I cannot imagine raising children alone and I cannot imagine walking into a situation where a family already exist. 

When this woman told me about her child I lost all interest in her. Why can't I find an old fashioned black lesbian?

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