Friday, December 24, 2010

All I Want For Christmas Is A Chick Like This! My New Dream Woman: Tajah Burton

I've been M.I.A. for a minute but I'm back now. I just finished my first semester of graduate school with a perfect 4.0! It's the first time in my life I've ever achieved that feat. I'm happy as hell about it, but I know the hard stuff is coming. Still life is pretty damn good right now. I have no major complaints. I've been working, building my savings account, and just trying to get ahead in the world. You know I gotta make this dough so hopefully I can settle down, marry my dream woman, buy a house, and raise a family.

Speaking of dream woman peep the beautiful woman up above! I first read about Ms. Tajah Burton on Bossip. She's a lesbian ex-video model from California who is currently writing a book about her life and pursing her education in graduate school. It turns out we got some things in common. We're both in graduate school. We're both business minded women. We've both been in abusive relationships(I've been both the abuser (verbally) and the abused). We both love to write. We both gave up going to law school to pursue our dreams. We both have been through some shit concerning our sexuality before coming to terms with it and loving ourselves. Now we both have our heads on straight. I think I'm in love!

Man when I first read about this woman and saw her picture I thought to myself, "Damn why the hell can't I find a woman like that in Atlanta?" The women here are nothing but uneducated, baby making, stereotypical hoodrats. It is so hard to find a black lesbian here who doesn't have children, hasn't been run through sexually, and doesn't have some type of mental hangup from being hurt in the past. I'm not just saying that to be mean either. It's so rare that I run across a black lesbian here with her shit together that I doubletake three or four times when I see one that is together. It's so bad now that I've tied this bad image to ALL black lesbians. So when I run across a black lesbian like Ms. Tajah Burton I'm literally blown away!

As much as I talk about giving up on black women and loving "Becky" I really do want a black woman deep down in my heart. Make no mistake about it, there is NOTHING better than a black woman with her shit in order. Seeing a black woman with her stuff together does something to me and I desire her more than ANY other race of woman. The problem is I rarely run across black women that match this description.

Anyway, back to Tajah Burton--I wish I could have a conversation with this woman. I'm intrigued by her. She is an exceptional woman and I like that! When I read that one of her ex-girlfriends fractured her cheek I felt myself getting angry. I swear some people don't know how good they got it. If I had a woman like this I would treat her like GOLD. She wouldn't ever have to worry about me coming at her the wrong way. She would get the five star treatment from me. It's shocking how some people blow their blessing, but then again who am I to talk. I've done my dirt too, but I've NEVER put my hands on a woman. Still you live and you learn. I've learned my lesson. If I ever meet a woman like this I swear as God as my witness I will treat her right. I put that on my life!

Maybe by some miracle Ms. Tajah Burton will run across this blog. One can only hope! I'll keep fantasizing about her while listening to this song...

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