Thursday, September 16, 2010

The 80/20 Rule Doesn't Apply To The Black Community Or The Black Lesbian/Gay Community

As much as I've talked about giving up on black women and dating exclusively outside of my race, up until this morning that wasn't an option. I thought for sure that I would end up with a black woman, but now I think otherwise. In fact, I don't think you could pay me to date another black lesbian. Every time I try it's the same old script with a different co-star. Black women are far too damn stubborn, self-destructive, argumentative, and come with too much baggage (i.e., kids) for me to ever seriously consider dating another one. 

What brought this on? I won't say. But I will say that I'm beginning to see just how rare of a "good" girl that I am. I don't smoke, drink, barely ever curse, carry myself respectfully, I am focused on school/success, childless, good-looking, and I'm alone. However, I keep running across the complete opposite of myself. There is no such thing as a LADY anymore when it comes to black women. Most out here are hoodrats and someone's babymama. The unladylike behavior/lack of femininity has turned me off to such an extinct that even the most beautiful of black lesbians are deemed ugly once I learn of their behavior and habits (i.e., smoking like there is no tomorrow). It really is no wonder why black men are dropping black women and moving on to other races of women. I'm experiencing the same "awakening:" Black women--black lesbians--are in bad shape and it disgust the hell out of me. I would issue a disclaimer here and proclaim this is only an ATLANTA problem but I know better than that. This is probably a black woman--gay or straight--problem period. Black women DON'T know how to act like ladies anymore and many probably don't give a fuck.

The 80/20 rule--you know the rule that proclaims we will only find 80% of what we're looking for in a person and the other 20% must be worked on--is bullshit when it comes to black lesbians. The reality is the rule is flipped and I'm only encountering 20% of what I'm looking for while the 80% is bullshit no one in their right mind would accept in another human being who they wish to form a life long partnership with.

*Sigh* To be continued---
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