Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Can't Do Black "Lesbians" With Children

One of the problems I have with black lesbians is the large number of them with children. Being that I am a goldstar lesbian--one who has never been with a man--I immediately question the authenticity of any lesbian's sexuality upon learning she has children. Anyone in my position would raise the same questions if confronted with that situation. While most black lesbians with children make it a point to say, "Everyone's story is not the same." They have not noticed that almost every black lesbian with children is telling the same story.

The common excuses I get from black "lesbians" with children are--1). "Society is the reason I slept with or married a man. I didn't plan to get pregnant. It just happened." 2). "I wanted a child so that's why I slept with X number of men and had X number of children.” 3). "I didn't know I was gay until I was in my twenties." 4). "I've always been attracted to women, but I was afraid to act on it. " 5). "I'm sick of men. All men are dogs."

As you can see I have good reason not to mess around with black "lesbians" with children. They are some of the most CONFUSED--I said it--people walking the planet. The thought of some chick desiring to be a lesbian AFTER being dogged by several men or after she's opened her legs wide open to a variety of men, busted out a few babies, and DECIDED she was gay repulse me.

Many single mothers don't consider themselves bisexual. They consider themselves lesbians. Yet, I 'm almost certain if a man showed the least bit of interest in them and their children they would go back to screwing men. For all their talk about how society scared them straight it’s obvious society hasn’t scared them from bed hopping---neither has the threat of an STD.

What really makes me angry about black "lesbians" with children is the idea that these are the individuals society sees when judging whether or not homosexuality is a CHOICE. They have kids so at some point they made a choice to lie down with a man.  How can they be gay? The gay people like myself are ignored and disregarded. Any and every negative stereotype straight people--especially straight black people—hold is confirmed by black "lesbians" with children.

Some might be wondering, "Well what about the lesbians who plan their children with their partners or who lie down with a man with the intent of getting pregnant?" In the black community and the black LGBT community the idea of "planning" children is foreign. Chances are if someone has a child they had consensual sex with a member of the opposite sex with the intent of achieving an orgasm, and got knocked up. There was no planning involved. However according to most of these individuals I--the virginal black lesbian--am suppose to believe from black "lesbians" with children that they "planned" their 2-3 kids by 2-3 different men just for the sake of being a single mother. No, I don't believe that. What I believe is black “lesbians” with children were riding dick at some point, enjoyed it, and ended up with children as a result of it. Because of the stigma of being bisexual they basically lie about their sexuality. Lying about something so obvious doesn’t make a lot of difference. I am not willing to give them the time of day.
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