Friday, November 20, 2009

Strip Clubs & Older Women

Recently, I learned via email that I have a few secret admirers. I won't go as far as to say a couple of women are sending their pussy through my inbox, but this blog--my thoughts--have struck a cord with more people than I thought. Though it's flattering to my ego, ladies you should note that I'm single and I plan to stay that way until THE REAL Ms. Right comes along.

On a side note I love older women. I shall expound--I don't mean old enough to be my mother or too old to bear children. I like women who are a FEW years older than me and who are CHILDLESS. Every girlfriend I've had has been older than me. I'm not sure if that says anything about my level of maturity or their need to turn my young butt out! In any case, I have always been more drawn to older women than the women in my age group. Don't ask me why--I don't have an answer.

Oh and while I'm on the subject if anyone knows this woman--->
Please email me. I found this picture while looking for pictures of my favorite strip club--Magic City--and fell head over hills in love. Weird huh?

Zap back to the topic...

Speaking of strip clubs I have to admit I have a thing for them. I love strip clubs and I love strippers. Wait--let me clarify. I love strippers with PRETTY FACES, NICE BODIES, and who LOOK TASTEFUL {I know that might be hard to imagine given their occupation}. I don't like hood chicks, buttafaces, or strippers with tattoos all over their bodies.

There is something about a pretty woman, who takes her clothes off for money. It is intriguing to me. I sometimes have long conversations with strippers at Magic City--many of which know me by name. I don't know if they humor me because I'm a cute gay woman or if they are gay themselves and looking for a hookup. In any case, I often inquire about their lives and how/why they became strippers. Everyone's story doesn't seem to be same. One stripper is currently pursuing a career as a nurse. Another stripper is trying to support her kids completely on her own {their father is not in the picture}. Another stripper moved to ATL from another state due to being laid off from her job and "found" her way into the industry. I think people would be surprise if they knew the back stories of strippers. We as a society have put them in a box and written them off as "lost."

My favorite stripper--who shall remain anonymous--is beautiful to say the least. She's a brown-skinned black woman, twenty-three years old, college student, short hair and has one of the most beautiful faces I've ever seen on a woman. I use to go into the strip just to get close to her. When she danced for me she would allow me to lay my head on her chest while she chested the back of my neck--which is one of my soft spots! We never talked. She knew I liked her though {the security guards made sure she knew because I always asked about her even when she wasn't there}. She knows just how to tease me too. She does this thing on stage where she's popping her ass, and she'll look back at me and blow me a kiss! By the time she's ready to give me a lap dance she knows damn well all my money is hers for the taking. The only bad thing about this beautiful woman that I love so much is her IQ. She has the IQ of a twelve year old child. I literally feel like I'm talking to a child whenever we have a conversation.

The first time I had a conversation with her was probably two months after I had given her upwards of a few hundred dollars {which my love struck butt couldn't really afford}. Until that point I was afraid to open my mouth and say anything. To say I was CRUSHED would be an understatement. I just couldn't believe my dream woman with the pretty face and body is an dumb as a newborn baby. Maybe I should have known better. Beauty and brains are a rare combination these days. But damn--I still hurt for my lost! Why--GAWD---WHY??????
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