Friday, November 7, 2014

My Ancestry DNA Results!

My Ethnic Makeup

Today I got the results of the DNA test I took three weeks ago. The test results came back this morning and I was so surprised....not just with the results but the quick return of the results. I was told it would take 6-8 weeks to get my results. However, that was just an estimated timeframe.

The above diagram shows my ethnic makeup. According to my test results, I am 87% African descent (39% Nigeria, 18% Ivory Coast/Ghana, 13% Mali, 7% Cameroon/Congo, 5% Africa Southern Bantu, 2% Senegal, 2% Africa South-Central Hunters Gatherers, 1% Benin/Togo) which is surprising because I was always told African American are 20-25% European. This is not true in my case. I am only 11% European (3% Europe West...which is several countries, 3% Great Britain, 2% Finland/Northwest Russia, 1% Scandinavia, 1% Iberian Peninsula, 1% Ireland). I am also 1% Native American and 1% Asia Central (the area we know as the middle east...remember Arabs participated in the slave trade). 

I received a 88 page report with my DNA results which outlines the history and migration patterns of my people. It also explained that quite a few ethnic groups listed in my chart have some admixture. Therefore, it is very possible that my people are NOT from some of these places but have some admixtures from mixing and mingling with people in these regions. This is probably especially true for ethnic groups like Africa South-Central Hunters Gatherers, who are primarily found in central and South Africa. Most African Americans descend from WEST Africa and came to the USA via the transatlantic slave trade. What are the odds that my ancestors were actually of South, Central, and West African descent??

According to everything below Cameroon/Congo (referring to the chart above) are "trace regions" meaning the following:

These are regions where you seem to have just a trace amount of genetic ethnicity-there is only a small amount of evidence supporting the regions as part of your genetic ethnicity. Because both the estimated amount and the range of the estimate are small, it is possible that these regions appear by chance and are not actually part of your genetic ethnicity.

I'm not sure what to make of this statement. Ancestry does give access to my raw DNA which I can take to another company to analyze. I plan to do so because I want to see if they come up with the same or similar results.
So, judging from history and my results I think I can conclude that my ancestors might have migrated from all over south, central, and west Africa and mixed/mingled along the way before ending up on the slave ship. One thing is for sure....they were all over west Africa!

I must say I'm pleasantly surprised by these results. For some reason I had it in my head that I would be 20-25% European and 80% Ghanian. It never dawned on me that my ancestors could be a combination of several west African ethnic groups. 

Below is a breakdown of how my DNA compares to natives of these regions. I blanked out my name in the results and I only clipped the results above 1%....

Next, I plan to take a mtDNA test which is supposed to tell me my ancient DNA through my maternal side of the tree (i.e., I think it is supposed to tell me which tribes the women on my mother's originated).
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