Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Frustration

I'm frustrated. Let me explain...

For the last week or so I've been thinking about creating a Huffington Post for black people. The idea has crossed my mind before but I always found something more pressing to do. That's not happening this time. The urge to be a publisher and entrepreneur is too great to ignore. In fact, Sweat Chapter Four has taken a backseat because I'm focused on making my "Black Huffington Post" happen. 

So what's stopping me from making it happen?

The reality that there isn't a surplus of driven, articulate, on-point, educated black writers/bloggers in the world. I am not interested in recruiting people who have already established a name for themselves. There are several reasons why I'm not interested in these people, but the main reason is I have a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to the stuff I read from black bloggers. Chances are if they are already established and I have heard of them their content didn't move me or impress me enough to extend an invitation to write for me. 

I know this^^ might sound arrogant, but you have to admit there is a huge void in quality, well-written, content by black bloggers. It is a rare thing that I run across any type of journalism on black blogs let alone thought-provoking commentary. It seems like everyone is talking about the same shit (ex. how to meet men/women, what not to wear on the first date,  etc). 

I need MORE than this crap!

I want to read blogs and feel like I'm reading the pages of a book that could be turned into a Lifetime movie.  I want to read about personal experiences and desires. I want to read about pain and loss. I want to read about black people creating businesses and becoming self-made millionaires. That's the type of content I want to offer on my site.

Trying to find well written on-point black people who can bring my vision to life is proving challenging. The black people I know who would be great for the job have flat out told me they don't read or write. These are college educated black people who are no more interested in reading or writing than hood niggas. 

So, what the hell am I supposed to do? Author the entire site myself? 

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