Saturday, July 26, 2014

Getting Right!

I'm on a quest to look and be my best. I wake up every morning at 8 AM and I go to the track where I jog 2-3 miles. I come home and lift weights for an hour and a half. I shower and I eat a turkey burger minus bread, lettuce, etc. I continue to lift weights throughout my day and periodically I hit the gym at my apartment complex where I go hard on the stairmaster.

Carbs are out. Bread is out. Dairy products are out. Sweets are out. Soda, juices, etc are out. 

It's just turkey burgers, baked chicken, green veggies (i.e., snap peas and broccoli) and fish for me these days. 

My hair is growing fast. I went and got it twisted up yesterday. I'm almost five months into this lock journey. 

I swear when everything is said and done I'm going to be the finest chick walking! Watch me do it!
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