Friday, May 2, 2014

I don't Know Her But I Want Her....

I don't know the woman above, but I instantly fell in love with her. 

I ran across her image while browsing Google images. I was looking for pictures using the search term "dreadlock budding." I'm 6 weeks into locking my hair and I wanted to see pictures of the process so I will know what to expect. That's when I ran across this beautiful woman. 

Physically, she is everything I want and desire in a woman. She is naturally beautiful. She rocks natural hair. She appears to be physically fit. She has a gorgeous smile and face. Needless to say, I want her or someone just like her. 

I would do anything to find a woman who looks like her, who is educated, comfortable in her sexuality as a lesbian and childless. I guess I'll keep dreaming...
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