Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Black Lesbian Love Story....I Want To Try Again...

Sweat has inspired me to write a full novel about black lesbians. I want revisit the concept of a black lesbian love story. I said I couldn't write a lesbian love story because I wasn't motivated and interested. Well, I think that has changed. I'm not only interested, but I think I already have a plot.

I want to write a coming of age story about two black girls growing up in Detroit during the 1950s. Both girls come from prominent black families and they are apart of the "upper crust" of black society in Detroit. They meet and become friends. In the process of becoming friends they discover a mutual love for Rhythm & Blues (R&B). They recruit another girl and start a girl group. 

Slowly, but surely, their friendship becomes something more. Around this time, they are discovered by a record executive and their star begins to rise. Fame, money, success, and power leads to several ups and downs for the lovers. Their story will expand several decades. That's where I am so far. 

The title of this novel will be Rhythm & Blues

What do you think? Anything suggestions? I'm open to all suggestions...

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