Monday, February 24, 2014

My Brother & I Are Going To South Africa

My brother and I are going to South Africa. Why? Because of this...

I went to South Africa during my trip around the world, but shamefully it was just a short stop on my journey.  So, I really didn't get to see all the wonders of South Africa. However, now I'm very interested in the country. Why? Because there are economic opportunities there for well-to-do African Americans like myself.

One American dollar equals $10.81 in South African Rand. So, if I'm currently sitting on $225,000 in US dollars that equals $2,432,362.50 in South African Rand.

Why the hell didn't I see this^^^before???

My brother and I are going to South Africa to inquire about business opportunities. We want to start a business and leave America. This country, the United States of America, treats black people like shit. White people are killing black people in the streets and getting away with it. It's time to go! 

We want to live in an industrialized black dominated country. South Africa is a logical choice. The only issue I have with South Africa is the reality that wealth has yet to be redistributed, which has made crime rampant. This country should have stripped whites of ALL economic power when it gained its independence and the government became majority black. Social justice doesn't mean shit without economic justice. Believe me, we, African Americans, know that better than anyone. People aren't going to starve because they don't have jobs and money. They are going to kill, rob and steal. Crime and rampant homophobia are the only things that might make me second guess any decision to relocate South Africa.

Anyway, I want to know what South Africans (I hope that is correct) think about African Americans moving to South Africa. I want to know about print media and television in South Africa.

I know quite a few people from South Africa read my blog. Email me...I would like to ask you some
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